Appreciate Me Now and Avoid the Rush !!

The photo album pertaining to this entry has been removed permanently. Sorry.
If the DVD titles named below in this entry interest you send me a message through my profile.
The collage is no longer available.  
 I had an ongoing auction all last year which I wrapped up at the end of last year.
It was a small auction so it was a type of test to see what would happen
with my experiment in running my own auction with some rare and not-so-rare items.
Ironically the not-so-rare items went very quickly.
The rarest item- a collage of myself in various poses- was
a downright flop. I really don’t understand why because the photographs in the collage
are absolutely lifelike. It’s like I’m standing right there- which is eerie when you’re standing
right next to it and you happen to be me!  
It’s my twin !
You have to see this collage for yourself to understand how awesome it is!
(I never use the word awesome lightly ! )
The photo I took of it doesn’t do it justice: 
 but it’s just as well because then you’d just snag the photo
and not bother with this 23" X 27" framed beaut! 
Avec beaucoup d’amour, The Castle Lady!
You can  make a bid on these brand new DVDs:
                         Pan’s Labyrinth (in Espagnol)                      
Analyze That                                                 Capote
What Dreams May Come                          
The Recruit                                                           Phone Booth

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5 Responses to Appreciate Me Now and Avoid the Rush !!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the message! My dating experience has been interesting, my dad thinks I should write a book on it…so I might just do that! I\’ve had some doozies! I like your date experience, bummer when that alarm clock goes off, I think I\’ve had a couple of those dates as well! Have a great day! ~Cynthia


  2. . says:

    Nuestro objetivo siempre será UN MUNDO sin fronteras, por la Paz y el Respeto entre todos los seres vivos.Lo que tú hagas por ello será importante, porque TU ERES IMPORTANTE.
    Esto no es un adiós, es un ¡HASTA LA VISTA!
    Recuerda que alguién muy sabio escribió una vez: "Sigue tu dicha…y el Universo te abrirá puertas donde solo hubieron muros."
    Por un mundo mejor… ONE WORLD!
    * * *
    Our goal will always be A WORLD without Frontiers, for the Peace and the Respect among all living beings. What you do for this will be important, because YOUR ARE IMPORTANT.
    This is not a farewell, it is a ¡HASTA LA VISTA!
    Remember that someone very wise once wrote: "Follow your bliss… and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."
    For a better world… ONE WORLD!


  3. Evelyn says:

    Gracias por las palabras buenos!  This is very true all that you say-
                                                          See you soon!   ;  )        


  4. namchul says:

    잘보구 가요 ,, 에블린  천사친구님 .kiss,,,,,,


  5. momo says:

    you are very very cute !nice picskissssssssss evelyn


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