I ‘ ll have me overhead lifters and four barrel quads, oh, yeah !
Ah, fuel injection cut off and chrome-plated rods, oh, yeah,-
With a four-speed on the floor they’ll be waitin’ at the door,
Ya know without a doubt I’ll be really makin’ out in
Greased lightnin’
chorus:  go greased lightnin’ you’re burnin’ up the
quarter mile
(Greased lightnin’ …go Greased lightnin’ )
Yeah, greased lightnin’ , you’re coastin’
through the heat lap trial
(Greased lightnin’ ….go Greased lightnin’ )
You are supreme
the chicks’ll scream for
greased lightnin’
I’ll have me purple French taillights and thirty inch fins, oh yeah !
Ah Palomino dashboard and dual muffler twins, oh yeah !
With new pistons, plugs and shocks,
she could beat the super stocks,
Ya know that I ain’t braggin’
she’s a real dragon wagon,
My greased lightnin !
Lyric and Music by Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs
Lightning fast  kisses from
The Castle Lady ! !
Congrats to the Nuggets for making it to the Playoffs ! Go ! Go ! Go !  

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6 Responses to ARE YOU READY TO ROCK ? ? ?

  1. judy says:

    Nice cars, Does make you want to rock Don\’t they? remimnd\’s me of my younger yesterday\’s lol. XoXO\’s  


  2. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the advice…that is the conclusion I came to as well. The ex and I were going to look for a new car for him tomorrow, but I\’m done filling my life with people that can\’t be happy for me. He had his chance…not once but twice and I liked being friends with him but I cannot have someone in my life that has to have a woe is me pitty party and that gets so wrapped in themself that they can\’t be happy for anyone else. I\’ve always overlooked things that just weren\’t how I lived and thought it was okay that someone else would make me feel bad for them. Not anymore!
    Thanks! Cynthia


  3. christophe says:

    j\’aimerais t\’inviter sur mo sky blog
    tu y trouveras plein de musique
    visite ce blog et laisse un max de com


  4. 小西 says:



  5. Joe says:

    Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you so much for your sweet words. The last months(s) I felt drained of energy, it is by friends like you that this old engine is going to run again.
    Hugs & Kisses,


  6. Evelyn says:

    Hi Joey and everybody for dropping by because it\’s always a pleasure to see your comments even if it\’s only to say Hi!
                                                   Kisses and hugs!    The Castle Lady


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