What is true love?


I found an entry on another MSN Live Space with picture text boxes with romantic sayings and quotes in French. Wouldn’t you know it ? The original expired leaving the original frames blank but here’s the English translation for them. Maybe I’ll find the images again. They really added to this whole entry. Here remain  the original  French and  my  translations: – The Castle Lady   

 From the entry titled “Qu’est ce que le véritable amour … ? 


Besoin d’une transfusion d’amour    I need a love transfusion….



  Les plus belles larmes sont toujours celles que l’on cache…

 The most beautiful tears are always those which are secret.

La beauté d’une personne n’est pas dans les vêtements

qu’elle porte,

son visage our sa facon d’arrange ses cheveux.

La beauté d’une personne se voit dans ses yeux,

car c’est la porte ouverte de son coeur l’endroit

ou` est son amour. 

The beauty of a person is not in the clothes they wear, their

face or the way they do their hair. The beauty of a person

is seen in their eyes because it is the door to their heart

the place where their love resides.


  Amour: Mode d’emploi  Attention! produit imflammable ! Ne pas éteindre la flamme et surtout ne pas l’e’touffer.

Au contraire, l’alimenter régulairement. La protéger des intemperies. La chouchouter, la dorloter, la cajoler autant

de fois que le desir….

 Love: Directions

Attention: Flammable, keep away from flames and above all  keep it well-ventilated. But keep it well fed. Protect it from bad weather. Whisper to it, coddle and coax as many times as necessary. Don’t worry about it wearing out: This product is guaranteed if it is stored properly.                                                                                                                          


A real man is not one who has won over many women but

one who has won over the same woman many times.

Un homme, un vrai, n’est pas celui qui a conqueris plusieurs femmes,

mais celui qui a su conquerir pluseurs fois la meme femme.  



si tOn mek…

     -te tien par la main c’est de la fidelite…

     -te caresse la cuisse c’est kil a une ide’de’rrier la tête…

     -te regard ds les yeu c’est pr te dire..je t’aime…

     -te souri c’est k’il sennui de toi…

     -ne fai rien de tt sa cest k’il nen vau po la peine…

If a guy … keeps you close he is faithful.

               caresses your hair he admires you.

               kisses you openly his love is strong.

               …      …. ( sorry folks this is PG around here !)

               looks you straight in the eye he wants to say ” I love you”.

               smiles at you he is vexed with you.

               makes nothing of all that he is not worth your while.

original French  was from mari83200.spaces.live  Merci pour tes beau mots!  


Fait des beau reves, Sweet dreams, The Castle Lady !




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8 Responses to What is true love?

  1. Ste says:

       well, against all odds, I\’ve actually written your song about Long Lonkin. Whoever the frick he was. The lyrics and music are over on mine, so I hope you approve and enjoy.


  2. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ~Cynthia


  3. Paul says:

    Wish I\’d experienced any of this.


  4. Paul says:

    Oh, and I definitely agree about the eyes.  They say it all.


  5. Evelyn says:

    You might be selling yourself a little short there Guitar Dad! I was definitely thinking of you when I included
    the fifth one. I believe that people keep relationships alive because they keep rediscovering each other.
                                    Big kiss for everybody!     Evelyn                      ;  )         


  6. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the commment! I sometimes wonder if I really want a tattoo or if it\’s a form of rebellion. At 36 I still have that rebellion streak in me once in awhile. I will defiinitely rethink it at least 5 times and probably many more! Take care and have a great Tuesday!


  7. al says:

    i would live in your love as the sea grasses live in the sea
    bourne up by each wave as it passes, drawn down by each wave that recedes,
    i would empty my soul of the dreams that have gathered in me,
    i would beat with your heart as it beats, i would follow your soul as it leads.
                               by   sara teasdale.
    wonderful words…..
    have a great day..
    keep smiling..  :o)
    al  x x                      hope you dont mind me flying by. x


  8. Evelyn says:

     I too really love Sara Teasdale\’s poetry. I wanted to include some of her works this month but I only have so much month. Thanks for stopping by Al ! I\’ll come see you some time!
                                                               Thanks to all for your nice comments!   The Castle Lady   ;  )


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