The Twenty-Ninth Bather

 with a bow to Walt Whitman
and spluttered did she in ecstasy
that lovely water which had brought her loves so near
small shivers coursed up and down their
bodies which they laughed away
not knowing that unseen hand passed over
almost touching but not quite
gently caressing them with wind,
with rivulets of dreams
ribbons of seaweed which did not seem to be..
but seeing no response she sighs
strokes backwards
and views the lovely forms
with adoration
sighs with longing
and flows on into evening shadows to dream alone.
by Evelyn M. Wallace
All Rights Reserved
March 28, 2008
I wrote this poem in response to Walt Whitman’s poem Twenty-eight Young Men. It seemed to me to be unfinished and I wanted to see some closure for the young woman whose longing seemed unfulfilled. Today she has made progress.
Fait des beau reves tout mes amis !  The Castle Lady

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3 Responses to The Twenty-Ninth Bather

  1. Paul says:

    Wow!  I am definitlely going to search for Whitman\’s peom so I can get the whole story.
    I may not be able to sleep tonight …


  2. kïrstin says:

    i do like the headdress, but i like the northern lights even more  🙂   does your book have anything in it about the coastal indians of the pacific northwest?
    s. lizard♠


  3. Unknown says:

    There was this one night on a drinking car on a train headed from Chicago to New Orleans with my Whitman collection.  I had these rednecks reading ole Walt, priceless I tell you, just priceless.Mercy


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