Love Is Not Blind

Love is not blind. I see with single eye
Your ugliness and other women’s grace.
I know the imperfection of your face,-
The eyes too wide apart, the brow too high
For beauty. Learned from earliest youth am I
In loveliness, and cannot so erase
Its letters from my mind, that I may trace
You faultless, I must love until I die.
More subtle is the sovereignty of love:
So am I caught that when I say, "Not fair,"
‘Tis but as if I said, "Not here- not there-
Not risen- not writing letters." Well I know
What is this beauty men are babbling of;
I wonder only why they prize it so.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
The Castle Lady, covering you with prize-winning kisses!
Proverbe du jour:
Almost all our unhappiness is the result of comparing ourselves to others.
– Unknown author 
Happy Birthday Kirsten !  

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4 Responses to Love Is Not Blind

  1. Paul says:

    You\’ve hit me in the heart with this …
    I\’m guilty.


  2. Evelyn says:

    Hmmm. You have baffled me with brevity!  Did you guiltily compare yourself to someone else or prize beauty over something a little more subtle? Curious minds have to know!  ;  )
                                                      The Castle Lady        I\’ll just hit you with another kiss!  XD 
      BTW I think you look very handsome. Do you still style your hair that way?  I always liked long hair on men.


  3. Joe says:

    Hello Evelyn,
    I found this wonderful picture:
    Castillo de Manzanares el Real (HDR)
    Don\’t know where it is (you probably do) but it looks great.
    Hugs & Kisses,


  4. Evelyn says:

    Just offhand I\’d say that\’s Palau Manzanares and it\’s an especially good pic of it. There are many Spanish castles so I could be wrong but it sure looks like it.
                                                     Thanks for the look-see !    The Castle Lady   ;  )  


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