More Cake Fun for Mother’s Day !

     If you’ve been musing over doing something different for Mother’s Day or you just have not a clue what would be a fresh, new idea for the supernatural creature who gave you life I have the solution this year which will delight everyone, including your mother!
How about a great Mother’s Day cake made by the hands of
her ever illustrious offspring? Namely, you!   



Just say "Zippity-doo-dah!" and let’s get started!
     Here’s how:
     Grease and flour one square 8 X 8 X 2 inch and one round layer 8 X  1 & 1/2 inch pans. Prepare any kind of cake batter, the amount of which you will divide between the prepared pans. Make sure the round cake is thoroughly cooled after baking. This will ensure that the small amount of cutting will be successful as it is crucial to whether your cake will be shaped correctly or not. 
     Place the square cake on an over-sized tray with points away and toward you. Cut round cake down the center, exactly in two pieces and place each half with cut edges against the top side of the square to form a heart shape as shown in the diagram below. Use frosting to "fuse" the pieces together, then frost the cake over all. 
     You can make the letters for spelling "mother" out of various different items. Red candied or valentine heart, as pictured, are a very pretty way. You can also use chocolate chips if you make a chocolate cake with complimentary colored icing. This is where your imagination comes in so use it to the extreme !      
See how easy that was? Now all you have to do is present it to her !
Don’t forget to include a big kiss ! !
 Bonne Fete de Maman!
The Castle Lady                    s U big time !
By the way, this cake can also be used for Valentine’s Day, too, of course, with different wording !

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One Response to More Cake Fun for Mother’s Day !

  1. christophe says:

    je viens de voir ton message
    tu t\’intérèsse aux châteaux et a ce qui s\’y raporte a ce que je vois
    je pense ue tu pouras trouver des livres dessus dans ta librairie la plus proche
    merci encore


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