The Nature of Love

    There’s no doubt that love is a favorite subject of mine. I think this is obvious to my regular readers because it is the best aspect of my nature, and I tend to flash it around in a crowd like a brand new penny. As a youth, it didn’t take too long for me to realize that what the Bible says about love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is essential knowledge about the true nature of the subject. If you read this passage many times it becomes apparent that love is more a behavior than an emotion and its action is very exacting and righteous, not unlike God himself.
     In 1 John 4:6 & 8 a statement that "God is love" is very profound in its simplicity and makes sense if you believe what you read in the Bible. I have personally discovered that if you read the Bible without faith or in a disbelieving manner it will only confound you. The more one reads scripture, in any translation, with doubt or accusations, in spirit or mind, it will become more and more nonsensical over time to the point that one may despise hearing or reading it.
     If we examine this statement that God is the personification of love we can come to some startling conclusions which most likely became second nature to the minds of the prophets. One such inference is that everything exists, runs and sustains itself by love- beyond the common sustenance- ( which is light, air, water and nourishment.) Many scientific studies on plant, animal and human life have shown clear evidence through touch, spoken words and even music that loving behavior is essential to slowing the aging process, a sense of well-being, health, sanity and even survival itself. As mysterious and curious as these studies may appear to be to the natural mind the evidence speaks for itself.
     The un-churched natural mind will then ask "What is love?" This is the key and root question which, when answered casually, only leads to more questions with each one a little more complicated than the last. Herein lies the mystery: Man can only know that it does exist within himself and that he cannot define it no matter his effort to try. Defining love is one of the most elusive quests I can name and I don’t believe we’ll have the answer very soon.
     I believe that if a person could unravel the mysteries of love a chain reaction would occur of revealing the mysteries of God- thereby exposing the conundrums of the universe. The prophets were granted such license, used this science and protected supernatural knowledge by storing this information in their hearts- not their minds. ( Psalm 119:11 )
     In conclusion, if God is love and love can only be sourced through Him then belief in Him is the key to understanding and answering all these deep questions of life and the universe as we know it. His Word (the Bible) was sent to us as a help-up to this level of discernment. It requires diligent study, however, with the faith to move mountains and realizing love is a force which we don’t fully understand now but will be revealed in the future
     1 Corinthians 13:12  b All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely just as God knows me now.  13  There are three things that will endure- faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love.
  Supernatural kisses from The Castle Lady

Female angels art by Sandra Kuck  

My only sketch, profile, of Heaven is a large blue sky, and larger than the biggest I have seen in June-

and in it are my friends- every one of them. – Emily Dickinson


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11 Responses to The Nature of Love

  1. Petite-Neige says:

    Hi Castle Lady! Thanks for visiting my blog! What about "love" of Alinka – you\’re right, ja ljublju means I love you. But love is different – Alinka is my best friend and she always writes this phrase. But the poem that I wrote was for another person…
    Conserning "LOVE" it\’s very complicated and we can spend hours and hours trying to understand it…. but still it\’s a mystery!


  2. kïrstin says:

    i hadnt commented on this, but i will now. this is a really eloquent post! im not saying this to flatter you, but to say its very well put indeed. im surprised you dont have more comments on it.
    it turns out i have a burning bush in my back yard. its got a rose of sharon growing right next to it, but i keep cutting it back to give the bush room to grow. all the rain weve had hasnt put the fire out of the bush either.  😀  i might have a picture of it in one of my albums … come fall i will for sure.
    s. lizard☼


  3. Evelyn says:

    Hello Silver and \’tite Neige ! Glad you liked this entry. I\’m going to leave it up for awhile because I\’m busy with a project on my official web site which is once again taking on epic proportions but it will all be worth it. I thought this would be a good one to leave up for awhile. I encourage you to send the link for this to your friends.
                                                 Always in love,
                                                                  Sisters, friends and all    The Castle Lady    kisses !


  4. kïrstin says:

    thanks for the comment  🙂  i think mccain is probably our best bet too. but God raises one up, and puts another down. beyond that, im just holding my peace this year …. and glad that God is on the throne!
    s. lizard☼


  5. Serena says:

    Good morning, Castle Lady! How are you? I\’ve a question for you: how did you add the books\’images in your favourite book\’s list?It\’s so cool! Please, say me how I can do the same!:)Ps – I love angels…


  6. mammo says:

     Bonjour !
    Merci de votre passage oh que oui nous sommes les garants de notre belle nature à bientôt CRIS


  7. Joe says:

    A wonderful post, Evelyn, I enjoyed reading it.
    You are absolutely right that you cannot explain or describe love.
    For me love involves extreme joy to be with my beloved one and extreme fear to loose her, laughter when we share the same silly moments and anger when we misunderstand each other. Love can give inmense power and love can hurt like a knife.


  8. Evelyn says:

     Thanks for all the nice comments to Joey, Cris, Serena and K , kitty kat  (; )   ) because it\’s always nice to get
    positive feedback. I sat down on a Sunday and wrote this and did so with the thought of giving people at least
    the closest idea I have of love. God is still a mystery to us all and He intends to keep it that way until we\’re "all
    in"  ;  )    
                                                   \’Til that day we\’ll have to wait to hear the words
                                                             "Let the ceremony begin….."
                             Love from The Castle Lady    hugs, kisses all around !  
                                                                ; 9   ILOVUGUYS !   


  9. Mariela says:



  10. Goumiliov says:

    Take care : russian flag is not the same as the french one.And the french "nation" is less attractive than the russian "history". So, no, I\’m not a french patriot, I\’m a russian fan.A little misunderstanding that time, lady 😉


  11. Evelyn says:

    Hello dear Goumy ! In that first sentence you said a mouthful.  ;  )  I don\’t think the French "nation" is less attractive than the Russian "history"- not exactly sure what you mean by that- but if you know anything at all everyone who has taken Russian History in school like I did you know that at one point Russian History became entwined with French History and vice-versa. As a matter of fact I know Russian History a little better than French history.
         What gets my attention is that you say you\’re not a French patriot and you were born ( as far as I know !) in France, have lived there all your life ( as far as I know ) and still live in France ( as far as I know !) I know you play around with the idea of being Russian but I think this is folly really, in a way. None of know what it was like to be a peasant of the old Bolshevik regime. We all know ( I think !) that Bolsheviks became Soviets eventually.
         You misunderstood my comment as well. I was speaking of only patriotism itself.
                                        It can be a dangerous thing all on its own.   
                                                       I love you little one !    Kiss, Hug, Kiss, Hug, Kiss, Hug !   ;   )    
                                            Ton Chatelaine !   


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