¿Como protejo mi celular de virus?

  or How Can I Protect My Cell Phone From Viruses ?

from my Friends module, Ivan Marquez!  wrote :

¿Como protejo mi celular de virus?                                                                 ?????

Antes que otra cosa es necesario hacer incapié en que nuestra seguridad personal depende de que tanto sepamos acerca de como proteger cualquier punto de contacto con nuestra información personal.

     It’s possible to protect our personal security and information at any point of contact where such information is as public as the internet.

Bueno este articulo lo tomaré poco a poco. Primero quiero hablarles acerca de la protección de su celuar vía Bluetooth, Infrarrojo, SMS y MMS. Esto es algo muy sencillo y es solo cuestion te tomar precauciones ante cualquier amenaza de entrada de algun archivo sospechoso. Lo importante aqui es considerar lo siguiente:

     Well, I can give pointers on this subject. This includes the use of transfers from cell phone, bluetooth, infrared, SMS and MMS. These are easy   precautions to take when dealing with any suspicious files.

1. Trata de evitar enviar mensajes de texto que te regresen codigos para descargar juegos o enviar mensajes para contratar servicios que te pudieran provocar SPAM, como aquellos mensajes de dietas diarias o información deportiva todos los dias.

1. Try to avoid DLing messages of text that send you codes to discharge, play or I.M.s. Such services which can cause you to be spammed could be messages of daily diets or sports news you normally receive.

2.  Si te llegan mensajes acerca de que te ganaste algun premio y debes responder o descargar algun tipo de fotografia de algun concurso en el que no hayas participado, mejor borralo y haz caso omiso de cualquier mensaje asi.

2. If messages arrive in your inbox saying you have won a prize and require you to respond or DL any type of photo or file which you have not initiated it’s better to delete it and ignore any message like it thereafter. 

3. Trata de configurar tu acceso Bluetooth e Infrarrojo para que antes de aceptar cualquier tipo de archivo el telefono te pregunte si estas dispuesto a aceptar algun archivo antes de descargarlo.

3.  Some e-mails may try to configure your Bluetooth or infrared access. Before accepting any type of file, if the phone or device asks you if you want to accept any file before DLing it you may be taking a risk.

4. Nunca descargues contenido a tu celular de una fuente que no sea confiable.

4. Never DL content to your cell phone from a source that is unknown to you or you know not to be trusted.

                (note from Evelyn: If your ISP doesn’t trust it then it’s better for you to accept that it can’t be trusted. )

5. Evita compartir contraseñas o algun tipo de información personal como numeros de cuenta o numeros de transferencias bancarias por medio de mensajes escritos.

5. Don’t share passwords or any type of personal information such as account numbers ( banking, online stores ) in messages or e-mails.

6. Trata de no dejar tu celular desbloquedo y de ser posible agrega una contraseña para desbloquearlo.

6. A file may attempt to de-block any spam filter or block you’ve set and may even add a password to gain access to your inbox.

      The Castle Lady protecting you with

  the best information available !  besos,bises             

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7 Responses to ¿Como protejo mi celular de virus?

  1. namchul says:

    나의 소중한 천사 친구님 , 주말 행복하게 보내세요 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  2. Steven says:

    Came by your site and just wanted to leave a note and let you know I enjoyed it.  Keep up the good work.


  3. Paul says:

    Awhile back a friend was getting obscene space text messages on her phone andactually had to pay for them, even wehn she threw away without reading them.  We called the vendor and there was a way online to block messages from email.  I suppose that\’s drastic but I\’d rather have someone real to talk to anyway.


  4. Evelyn says:

    Yes. I understand your friend\’s frustration over having to pay but she did one thing wrong- she deleted the problem and there is no way they can backtrack to find a culprit in that case. Yes. No one wants to put up with these messages unnecessarily but it\’s the only way to get them. I\’m thinking of having TEXTING removed from my service because even though I don\’t give out my cell # flagrantly I still get annoyance texts usually from a commerical source.
                                              Kisses and hugs to everybody !      The Castle Lady


  5. David says:

    Wow thanks for the tips, I gotta set my iPhone not to download attachments automatically right away.


  6. namchul says:

    나의 소중한 천사 친구님 , 행복한 하루보내세요 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  7. kïrstin says:

    well theres food for thought. all i ever get is a few phone calls, txt and pics from the beau or the son, and the occassional txt ad from my carrier. boring, but safe. i never thought about viruses. but i will now.
    we dont get any more flies than anyone else. we had an invasion of gray flesh flies when several birds had gotten trapped in our chimney and died. it was crazy! we have since fixed the screen over the top of the chimney.
    s. lizard☼


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