Amazon tribe to be protected by Google Earth ! ! !

  to Mother Earth !
     The San Francisco Chronicle has recently reported that an Amazonian tribe known as the Surui can now Google themselves! They live in a small village about 1,600 miles northwest of Rio and have not as yet given up their bows and arrows but they can now add an internet connection, video cameras and GPS devices to their list of essential tools for their survival.
     Google Earth has made this possible with the good intent of helping the Surui protect the 600,000 acre reserve through their tracking devices from illegal miners and loggers. The Chief of the tribe, Almir Surui, has said,
     "All the information is shedding light on the invasion of our land…and giving our people the responsibility for their own future."
     How did this come about? Well, it turns out that the Surui chief is the first person from his tribe to graduate from college and last year he met with important people at Google Earth, which is located in Mountain View, CA to entice them to provide the tribe with high-quality satellite equipment allowing them to moniter the loggers. It will also provide a chance for them to raise awareness of the destruction of the rain forests on a global scale.
     Back in the 70s the Amazon rain forests began to make international news headlines when it came to light that loggers were cutting down so many trees that the very survival of the forests became threatened. At some point the Brazilian government finally placed restrictions on the loggers which made logging largely illegal but government resources were inadequate to enforce the protection needed to ensure the rights of indigenous people who lived there.
     The Surui tribe got attention in 1969- the same time that construction of the 2,000 mile highway was built through it. (Trans-Amazon Highway) Since that time they have been fighting the invasions which have imposed a myriad of problems for this area, both ecologically and health-wise.
     Now that the tribe has access to satellite imagers, videos and photos they can fight back with concrete evidence to stop the devastation before it occurs rather than dealing with damage done, later. At some point 17,300 acres of rain forest were reforested (replanted) after a massive explosion of logging took place- so the threat is very real.
     Today it’s now possible to stop such destruction through the use of GPS devices, laptop computers and satellite maps which recently helped the Surui spot several miners and sent out guards to protect the tribal borders. These were supplied by the Amazon Conservation Team which operates out of Arlington, VA. Google Earth Outreach was responsible for supplying the satellite imagery equipment and conducting courses, on site, for the tribe to learn how to use all their new equipment.
Thanks Google Earth and Mark Plotkin  (pres. of ACT )
for a job well done ! 
The Castle Lady, keeping you  abreast of
all the good news as always !
Deeds cannot dream what dreams can do. – e.e. cummings     

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10 Responses to Amazon tribe to be protected by Google Earth ! ! !

  1. namchul says:

    나의 소중한 천사 친구님 , 오늘하루도 행복하게 보내세요 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  2. kïrstin says:

    wow! thats a really good thing  🙂  but i cant help picturing them locating the invaders with their technology, and then goimg out and running off the poachers with arrows …  😀
    as long as they run them off.
    s. lizard☼


  3. Evelyn says:

     XD Yes that would be poetic justice wouldn\’t it? LOL Get \’em the old fashioned way ! Can\’t you just hear them
    running and screaming " Arrow in the butt ! Arrow in the butt!"  XD XD
                           kisses and hugs   The Castle Lady


  4. Paul says:

    Now if only we do-gooders would stop indirectly encouraging deforestation to plant food (corn) to burn as fuel, which also has contributed to driving up food costs across the board worldwide.
    Additional comment on a comment:  Two border patrol agents of ours shot a known drug dealer in the butt as he was fleeing back across the border.   Who complained?  The drug dealer.  Who\’s in prison?  The border agents!


  5. mammo says:

    Un petit passage avec toujours autant de plaisir à bientôt CRIS


  6. momo says:



  7. Evelyn says:

    Bon journe\’e Oli, Cris et P. ;  )  !  Nice to see you here and your support for all things environmental. Guitar Dad- I remember that border patrol incident a little differently. The guy they shot was on U.S. soil and they were convicted as if they shot a U.S. citizen. Do we need to reform our laws? Not in my estimation. They were enforcing existing laws and this is how they were treated for doing their job. I\’d say our justice system at the court level sure could use some scrutiny.
                                                     ;  )       Kisses, The Castle Lady     


  8. Danyel says:

    C\’est une bonne nouvelle ! Bonne journée. D.


  9. B. says:

    hey evelyn, thank you for your many messages… and sorry for my long silence… i\’m full of job, and i write don\’t frequently in my blog. but i\’m every happy when i read your friendly messages in my space. i wish you\’re a very nice summer, and very good time!!! big kisses for you!!! your friend from italy, mirco ; )


  10. namchul says:

    나의 매우 소중한 천사 친구 에블린 님 , 8월이 시작되네요  8월 한달도 행복과 웃음이 가득하길  빔니다 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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