Go Green the “Unser” Way ! !

      What do the Unsers know that the rest of us need to find out? If you want to stop being ripped off by Bush and the rest of his rich oil buddies and want to go green in a big way then this blog entry is especially for you ! (HELLOooo- GAGSPO, LYCAN AND BEPPE !)
      If you make one change you can pay 19% less for gas, keep your engine healthier and reduce your emissions by 30%. This change is in the form of a new gas saver additive that is putting all the others to shame in performance alone. The Unsers endorse this product called Ethos and here’s why:
     Ethos is safe to add to your gas tank, unlike most additives on the market besides the fact that it actually works while the others hardly work at all. You’ll save 7 to 19% or more on gas because this product is a fuel reformulator- not a mere fuel additive or catalyst- the effectiveness is only altered by your actual driving habits. It is effective for any internal combustion engine which means that gasoline or diesel users alike can use it. It also reduces hydro-carbon emissions by 30% and there are no toxic substances in it making the product 100% natural and biodegradable- it is, in fact, mineral-based.
     In short, this is a win/win product for those who must use traditional fuels through necessity and those who are concerned about global warming and the effects on our planet by toxic pollution associated with use of traditional fuel. Want to know how it works?
     It uses tiny molecules called  ‘esters’ to break up the thick and dense gasoline molecules and helps them vaporize faster. It is not petroleum or alcohol based like the store-bought additives which only claim to increase horsepower or get higher mileage. Users of automotive retail outlet additives report a little kick in the engine power or minimal emissions reduction but nothing more than that and they don’t save any money.
     Ethos esters will clean the inside of your combustion chamber in your engine by stripping the un-burnt gas sediment off the walls of the chamber which eventually restores your engine back to it’s clean condition similar to that of what it was when the car was brand new. All additives have to pass through the E.P.A standards of which the precepts are simply that:
     1. It has to be environmentally safe to not cause more damage than it produces benefits.
     2. It has to be tested with all types of engines to make sure it’s safe and doesn’t damage engine components in any way.
     3. It has to pass about 200 different tests and if it fails even 1 test there is a panel of inquiries made just to solve the single problem. If it doesn’t pass, the product will not make it to the shelves.
     All of the additive companies must comply but nearly all of them created cheap substitutes instead of true gas saver formulas to save money. According to the ads they’re like cheap imitations of Coca-Cola and certainly don’t make true use of the technology which was behind the formulation of such products from the beginning.
     Ethos mineral based formula acts like a lubricant inside your engine, which, of course, reduces wear and tear on engine parts and makes it run much more efficiently and should save you quite a bit of money on engine maintenance and repairs. Here’s the best part: You only need to add 1 ounce per 10 gallons of gas! Most of the additives- which don’t work, remember!- require you to use an expensive ( approx. $20 !) full bottle per gas tank! Just add that to $40 for the average full tank of gas and guess what kind of money you’re paying? Ridiculous!
     I challenge you to check out this company from the above supplied link and see for yourself all the great points of how this 11 year old company is making a difference and with a double money back guarantee and I think you’ll want to give it a try. 
      Red, White and blue kisses from The Castle Lady !
     “We use Ethos For Earth  fuel reformulator in our vehicles
to achieve maximum engine performance”- Al Unser III,
2-times Indy 500 Champ/ Indy Pro Series Driver
  Seen on a teen boy’s t-shirt:
Make the earth a better place.. send my parents to outer space !
July 27th @ 9 A.M. this blog reached it’s 17,000th hit!
Thanks to one and all for making this Live Space such a success.
I’ve got some wonderful entries on learning more about castles coming up for the summer so stay tuned when you can !

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  1. judy says:

    Just stopped by to say hello, and thanks for the info…
    Have a great week-end…


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for stopping by Judy. When you get a chance check out my Auction photos below. There are some very innovative items that will interest women so when you have time…..;  )  


  3. B. says:

    hallo evelyn, very interes. this article, you\’re a global prospective of the situation around (music, culture, tecnology ecc.) 😉 thank you for your message: little pic in my blog it\’s realized 5 min. before meet&greet with finley… it\’s a very spectacular event… you can listen my emotional report in my topic… kisses for you, by your friend Mirco 😉


  4. Danyel says:

    Hello ! I see you have your own problems too ! Have a nice weekend. Friendly. D.


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