Is it OK to get angry with God ?

     A few weeks ago a good friend of mine sent me an e-mail which contained quotes from Regina Brett, a columnist for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, many of which I felt were especially sage. Now that I look at most of them I see that the concepts are simple – on the whole- but still especially good advice.
     My subject title is part of one quote which got my attention because it seemed to be stuck in a grey area which didn’t make sense. The entire quote is this:
     "It’s okay to get angry with God. He can take it."
     Perhaps it’s because I often have a difficult time with separating anger from hatred that it took awhile for me to get my head wrapped around that idea as acceptable Christian behavior. After all, one is a strong emotion while the other is a taboo attitude. A Christian must not harbor hatred. It’s obvious to everyone that anger can get out of hand and appear to be hatred. In Ephesians 4:26 & 27 it states "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil." As you read further to the end of the chapter it reveals how the true nature of anger can be distorted if repressed and used for evil if this emotion is allowed to be carried by the wrong spirit and given over to lies. 
     If you examine verse 26B you’ll see that anger hidden and couched is the worst kind of dishonesty. It’s unhealthy, to say the least and separates you from people and God, over time. The most extreme form of anger is when Christians somehow turn away from God, and become uncommunicative with Him to the point of denying Him altogether. Matthew Henry stated, "Secret disaffection to God is often disguised with the color of respect to Him." It’s not possible to fool God with false respect, however, people are a different matter!
     My conclusion on this question forms a very important and broader question everyone should ask themselves from time to time:
     "What is my relationship  really like with my creator ? Do I open up to God or do I play games when life seems unfair or just doesn’t go according to my plan ?"
     An honest relationship with God will occasionally bring forth issues which might make you angry. The question is not whether He can take it ; doesn’t it stand to reason that it’s better to ask yourself, "Can our relationship ( yours and Gods ) take this emotion ?" You see even the relationship between yourself and your savior can become abusive and He doesn’t dole out abuse. Do you? People often carry out all their relationships in an abusive manner because of their upbringing as a child. It’s very easy for them to fall into the same patterns that they have carried out most of their lives. Obviously this can become a very thorny issue.
     Perhaps this is why Jesus referred to God as being His Father. If you cannot get angry and express this emotion toward a parent (who may or may not continue to love you unconditionally), then how will you be able to deal with this same emotion to the parent who is not "visually" present? God has placed no conditions on us because of His Son, but do we place conditions on Him?
     It’s best to treat our relationship with God as if we were trying to keep a love relationship in order because as a matter of fact it is a love relationship. Anger may have it’s place in an association with anyone but it’s best that there is a true rapport first and an unconditional love. Unconditional love is irrevocable and eternal. It is also essential or it just doesn’t work. 
As always, The Castle Lady supplies a plenary session of hugs and kisses ! 
God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh. – Voltaire

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5 Responses to Is it OK to get angry with God ?

  1. namchul says:

    님의 발걸음이 아름답습니다 . 나의 아름다운 천사 친구님 ,, 주말 행복하게 보내세요 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hug


  2. kïrstin says:

    i think its important to define anger in this question. there is that deep seated resentment that some call anger, that in fact is selfishness. then there is that pissed off feeling when we are upset. david got angry with God when someone died because he put his hand on the ark to steady it during a procession, when in fact it was davids fault for moving the ark in a method other than the way God dictated. then there was jonah, who didnt want God to save a certain people. he also gor angry because his gourd died. God straightened them both out, and they were better for it. but they had the freedom to express how they felt. worse is to deny to ones self that one is angry. i have gotten angry it God before, because things didnt go as i expected. it was my method that was out of order, but my heart was right. i was disappointed. religious people would be quick to point out to me at such a time \’ohhh you cant be angry with God! you cant expect everything to go your own way!\’ and so on. well, the fact was that i wasnt trying to get my own way. i was trying to follow scriptual methods to obtain specific results, and i messed it up mecause i didnt understand something. God, instaed of rebuking me, asked me for my forgiveness. it melted my heart! i knew it wasnt Him at fault, but i had been frustrated, and when He asked me to forgive Him i wept. i repented, i asked Him to help me, and explain to me what went wrong. but Him asking me to forgive Him told me that first he wanted me free of the anger, and forgiveness was the key.
    i will never forget that lesson.
    s. lizard☼


  3. Paul says:

    During my long, and ongoing, recovery from my neurological ailment, I\’ve often been angry at God.  But my anger was always expressed directly to him, knowing He was there.  Sure, there were times I didn\’t want to go to church, tired of hearing "how well" I was looking, and how "lucky" I was, but with rare exceptions I went anyway.  Later in the week I\’d get angry yet again.  Remeber Tevya in Fiddler?  He was not happy with what God was doing, but inside he knew there was a reason for it.  Having an angry discussion with God can help you discover that reason.


  4. Anne Catherine says:

    Thank\’s for your comm always happy to hear from you .
    My background is taken from a picture .
    Take care
               Love Always
                  Kate *


  5. Evelyn says:

    I agree K and P with a lot of what you\’re saying but I only led my readers to the best possible conclusion on this one. There is no easy answer to this but P you have the key in your experience. I believe that often, like in your case, people say things not realizing that they are interfering in your relationship with God. This was your frustration without you being totally aware of it. Don\’t forget he is a personal savior and it\’s across the board…. the Holy Spirit is a personal comforter…. and yes, God is also a personal God.  There were more questions I could have presented but I thought this was a good start… ;  ) 
                                         Hugs and kisses all around !   The Castle Lady    


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