Solitaire by Eve Merriam

When you are gone
I feel as flat and dull
as plastic cards
shuffle and reshuffle
the surface slick    easy to wipe off
the edges rounded     harmless
then you appear
and I fling the cards
like fireworks
they fall into
a winning pattern
look –  a perfect run of hearts
J’aime bien cette coeur, bisous du Chateau Demoiselle !

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3 Responses to Solitaire by Eve Merriam

  1. Danyel says:

    Atout coeur, mots d\’amour ! Amitié et bises. Danyel


  2. Leona says:

    I like the poetry and your site is very nice. I visiting around in spaces trying to get acquainted with others who share a love of writing.


  3. namchul says:

    안녕하세요 ?  잘 보구갑니다 . 나의 소중하고 아름다운 천사 친구님 ,, 행복한 하루 보내세요 ,,,,,,hug,,,,,,,


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