Another solution for the gas price crisis !

     Back on July 25th I posted an entry on a way to go green and increase the mileage per gallon for your car. I recently stumbled on this in my local newspaper and thought there might be some of you out there who haven’t seen this yet.
     There is another way to go which is by installing a Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell System and a P I C C ( Pre-ignition Catalytic Converter ) in your car which is proven to increase your mileage by up to three times it’s usual MPG. Can you imagine how much money you’ll save by installing this combustion converter in your car ? !
     The first thing necessary is to install the HAFCS. It works by drawing electricity from your battery which in turn makes the water convert to pure gas which mixes with your gasoline in the combustion chamber. This HHO gas ( water ) produces such a rich combustible ( 5X the potential energy of gasoline ) that the usage of the gasoline from the pump can be quite minimal for the same amount of power. A Covalizer (which breaks down the atomic particles of the fuel ), heat plus ionization pre-treats the car’s fuel making the whole process quite clean which will improve the efficiency of the fuel burning and the engine itself. The company which is promoting this has also invented a mini-computer which teaches your pre-installed or on-board computer  to operate the system.  Their guarantee is that it will increase your fuel economy by a minimum of 50% with this universal kit. 
     The second step is to install a PICC which turns the fuel into plasma which causes the mix to burn so clean that your car will not produce pollution of any kind. Lab tests are indicating that it’s possible to get over 100 miles per gallon even with large SUVs and Trucks.
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Who keeps you running on high octane kisses ?  
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6 Responses to Another solution for the gas price crisis !

  1. jeannine says:

    Bonjour Evelyn, un petit passage, pour vous souhaiter une bonne semaine, amicales pensées.


  2. Leona says:

    Congrats on the 19,000th hit. Tell me more about it, what is it? I have heard about this gas/water conversion …not sure I would try it though. Must be pretty cost prohibitive, huh? Somehow I can\’t see something that would save the average Joe so much being easily available. Is it? Evelyn, thank you so much for they prayers and for caring that we were safe during Ike. I know so well prayer works. Thank you for yours.


  3. Evelyn says:

    Well, Dell I cannot say for certain if this would definitely make a difference. I believe we\’re all looking for some way to save money with gas prices being so high. My father, who is a master mechanic, is very negative about this conversion and even the Ethos product. He doesn\’t seem to think there would be any damage done to an engine but he also feels that the science is faulty and that the truth is that there isn\’t any magic to be had from making these conversions or changes. The Ethos product is totally harmless and my engine is running better. I can just tell the difference by the way the engine is acting. I\’m debating on whether to make these conversions. I let you know after I do more research. ;  )
                                       The Castle Lady      God bless you !


  4. Ronald C says:

    An interesting idea about the conversion .
    Yet there have also been many other fuel saving ideas and practices since even the early eighties. Anyone remember the Honda CRX? Most of the models got well in excess of fifty miles per gallon.
    Or to bring some of the information more up to date… Almost ninety percent (not a typo) of existing hybrid technology comes exclusively from Toyota- which can even be found in items such as Ford suv\’s. There are also numerous so called other Americanized cars such as Pontiac which actually use Toyota\’s with just a few minor "name plate conversions"
    And ironically this might indeed be the end of an era here in North America. At this point in time it can basically be stated that this is the complete end of the American automobile as we know it. One simply has to look at the numbers for American can companies such as Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Sure there will be a very few name brands around for just a while longer; but I\’d bet the mortgage that Amerkican production will decrease by well over fifty percent (well within) the next ten years- at best.
    Also given current day stats… Toyota actually has better numbers than any of the American car companies- even for models which  Toyota produces in this country.
    At this time Toyota has taken the lead in alternative fuel vehicles. It appears as though the American automotive counterparts have failed to adequately adept to any change in the market.


  5. Evelyn says:

    Hi Ron! Well, Toyota is the Japanese car maker who built their factories here and created hundreds of jobs for AMERICANS ! There is a plus right there. I think we\’re onto something here. BTW , this article was only submitted to show what is being printed in the papers and sent as valid offers through e-mail. In no way am I endorsing this or any other product or device. I\’m just supplying options and hope each and every person will educate themselves and get concerned about our environment as well. We all need to do our part ! The Castle Lady ; )


  6. Deena says:

    Honestly I don’t even like the oil prices to go down because what is next is an increase ten times or even more of the decrease. We cannot wait for the cost of fuel to go down fairly anymore so we might as well work on something to cut down our fuel usage and conserve energy or come up with something that is good alternative for oil.


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