What I Wish for America…

    The following excerpt can be found in Pearl S. Buck’s compilation, "Mrs. Stoner and the Sea". It originally appeared in Modern Maturity magazine. These words are surprisingly relevant to our current political voting dilemma and I thought I would like to share these words with you in the hope that it will illuminate you into making the right decision in November. Contemplate this with me: 
     If I have a criticism to make of our country, and I am loathe to make any criticism, it is the fact that our system of government does not provide for the discovery and election of our finest minds and those most gifted in leadership. Our political system is such that, indeed, our best men too often shrink from that which they must perform before they can even be eligible for the highest posts in our government.
     The traditional government of China, until its final decades, for centuries discovered its best brains by means of the Imperial Examinations. Only the finest brains of the country, the most highly educated, could pass those examinations. Birth and wealth counted for nothing. The son of the poorest farmer in a village, if he was born with extraordinary talents and ability, was educated at the cost of the other villagers so he could go up for the Imperial Examinations. If he passed, he brought honor to the entire community, for he was given an administrative post in the Imperial Government. In this way, though the Throne was hereditary until the end of a dynasty, the government was actually in the hands of the nation’s finest minds and characters, based soundly on democracy.
     We have no such opportunity for choice. I shudder today when I contemplate certain of our presidential possibilities. Our nation is imperiled by the fact that any bigoted, unintelligent, even uneducated man, if he can scrape together the necessary funds and make promises in certain dangerously powerful places, may become President.
     Our history shows more than one such person. It is the weakness in an otherwise superbly conceived form of government. Even our carefully prepared system of checks and balances cannot atone for an inadequate leader…
For more about Pearl click this: www.pearlsbuckbirthplace.com/biograph.html
If you would like to read the entire article let me know and I’ll send it
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We have changed our environment more quickly than we know how to change ourselves. 
– Walter Lippman
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2 Responses to What I Wish for America…

  1. Leona says:

    This is a very interesting post, full of some really good information. Unfortunately, (for me) I had not heard or read this before. I am learning soooo much being here on spaces, I\’m glad I found this resource. And, the friends I have found are quite amazing. Thanks for sharing that.


  2. Lady Ace says:

    This is really good.  Can you send the entire article to me.  I really would like to read it.  I do not get to enjoy my space as much as I would like.  I have my good and bad days because of health.  I continue for I know Allah will make it better.  Keep up the good work Castle Lady!


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