The NBA Greats are Making and Breaking Records ! !

        Wade                               Melo
     Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony are making a bit of NBA history these days in the form of their (ahem! ) offensive playing. Ever since 2006 I’ve been hearing an awful lot about what the Nuggets defense has been like- which vacillates quite a bit and that was even when they had Allen Iverson on board. Defensive playing has almost become a bit of a raspberry to those who really rack up the points and even Michael Jordan got tired of this defense tirade. A completely untrue accusation that he couldn’t play defense got up his nose and he proceeded to prove the naysayers wrong time and time again.
       Now, in the case of Dwayne Wade, who has averaged 29.5 points- along with 7.5 assists and five rebounds through 21 games, he’s matching two legends in NBA history. Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan who finished a season with these same numbers that Dwayne Wade has already put in.
       ” For right now, it’s always great to be in the conversation with anybody the likes of Michael Jordan and Oscar… but they did do it for a whole season. Mine is only 20-some games. I’ve got 60-some more to go,” says Dwayne Wade, “Hopefully I can do better.”
       Melo showed us his real self at the recent game the Nuggets played and won against Minnesota’s Timberwolves ! In a matter of twelve minutes he overturned the trailing of the Nuggets at halftime 56-44 to 84-78 with 12 of 15 shots including 4 of 5 three pointers. As a matter of fact, all but seven points made in that quarter were his alone outscoring the opposition 33-22. His total game points were 45 which beats his average by 15 points- all with a right elbow contusion he’s been contending with for the last five games. Why did he break out after the first half ? Maybe it was because he received two new injuries to the contusion  during the first half. Says Melo,
       ” I was fighting through the pain. But it was all good. I can’t explain it.”
Want to see it?
I love this game !  The Castle Lady

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