On Hybrids, on Hydrogen-Powered, On Electric….

     Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho !
     Even Santa knows out of control gasoline prices just might help usher in a new era of vehicle ownership that is long overdue. He always had the right idea with his sleigh, mind you, but if he wanted to go to the far south in  summer I’ll bet he’d go to a more economical and greener vehicle and the following might be the best replacement for that worn out heap he’s been driving around Daytona Beach ! 
     Do you remember when I wrote about the legendary super cars Ferrari and Corvette back in November of 2006 ? Then you’d have to recall that I mentioned the Tesla Roadster as an upcoming all-electric sporty-looking number to replace these notorious gas guzzlers. Guess what? Those sexy Tesla Roadsters sold like hotcakes on a snowy winter morning ! ! That’s right- Tesla sold out every single car they made ( 600 of them ! ) in 2008. Tesla uses a lithium-ion battery which is lighter, cheaper and more efficient than the nickel-metal-hydride batteries they used at one time for electric cars. They are now taking orders for the 2009 line which will sell at $109,000. (Don’t forget this is a sports car which gets a top speed of 125 mph. ) You can take a look at this beauty at :
     The question now for green innovation for vehicles is whether to go to a hybrid which mixes use of gas and electric to make gas consumption lower or all electric in which you will have to rely on the electric charge completely (Tesla can go 227 miles without recharging.) Then there are hydrogen-powered cars which poses a new problem of whether there will be enough hydrogen fueling stations- which so far, is sadly lacking.
      Some of the more popular vehicles making themselves known is the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, Honda’s FCX Clarity- the latest in fuel cell technology and the Chevy Volt which is all electric and uses a common 110-volt household plug to recharge. Obviously ideas about how to go green abound but what is the best choice ? You’ll have to decide for yourself in weighing the pros and cons.
      In the case of the Silverado you will have a "two-mode" hybrid system one of which gives you a mix of electric and gas or switching back and forth between the two choices. The second mode uses the electric power as an efficient boost for highway traveling and hauling. The price tag has not been announced but it is going to be made available by the first half of 2009.
     The hydrogen-fueled FCX Clarity (FCX stands for Fuel Cell eXperimental ) will give the latest technology a real run for its claims. In this case, the car’s engine creates electricity by combining hydrogen fuel with oxygen. The only emission it creates is H2O so it is the cleanest technology on the market. This one has already been in production since June and debuted on November 15, 2007. Twenty people have been testing the car in the U.S. (including Southern Californians) since 2002 and paid $600 a month on their leases but it gets 280 miles per hydrogen fill up ! If you truly want to go green economically this one may be the best choice.
     On the strength of the success of Tesla’s sexy Roadster, the Chevy Volt is going to debut in 2010. Because it can be recharged virtually anywhere you can find an outlet, it makes recharging much less complicated but it hardly matches Tesla’s innovation. It’s touted as being electric only but, in truth, the industry people call a Series Hybrid. Its e-flex design makes use of a propulsion system when you drive more than 40 miles to your ultimate destination. It could be ideal for someone who only commutes a short distance to work each day. However, this extended-range system must be backed by gas usage beyond those limits which makes its use a tad more complicated than is truly necessary.


Technically speaking – my innovative kisses will keep you running…
The Castle Lady


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7 Responses to On Hybrids, on Hydrogen-Powered, On Electric….

  1. momo says:

    hello evelyngood nightkiss


  2. Theresa says:

    My sister LOVES her Hybrid.


  3. Lady Ace says:

    I had a prior co-worker that owned a hybrid. She said it was a really good car. I was thinking my next vehicle might be a hybrid, depending on my finances and the nation\’s economy. These lenders are a trip these days.


  4. Evelyn says:

    Hi Sharon , Theresa and Oli ! It\’s good to see you here. I hope this article was a help but it\’s really up to the individual and what their driving habits are or will be in the future. If you\’re interested in finding out even more definitely go to the last link and be sure to google any car you specifiy to get stats. Wikipedia seems to be objective enough. I want to go green on my next vehicle. I\’m hoping that I will be able to afford a TESLA. ; ) The Castle Lady Dream that\’s the thing to do…..


  5. Leona says:

    Thanks for this nice \’eye-opener\’. I had not given much thought to this before and I do need a new car. Depending on how the economy goes, I will be getting it within the next year. Thanks to you I will do some investigating beforehand. Love the post.


  6. Serena says:

    Merry Christimas, dear Castle Lady! I wish you fantastic holdays and peaceful moments…Bye 🙂


  7. Leona says:

    Hi Evelyn, Just stopping into check on you and to say hello. How are you? Hope all is well and everything is going okay. Nothing new here. Just checking in.Have a good day tomorrow.


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