Ahem ! Have a

Nadolig Llawen ! Munter Juledag ! Gelukkig  Kerstmis !
Noeliniz kutlu olsun !  Heldig Julehelg !  Feliz Natal ! Festum Natalem Christi ! 
Everybody ! 
The Castle Lady 

  On this third eve of Chanukah I wish you Mazal Tov and Happiness !         

Check out my Christmas message entries @ http://evelynsrockpages.blogspot.com/2008/12/stryper-christmas.html

and http://ilovecastles.blogspot.com/2008/12/christmastime.html 


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2 Responses to Ahem ! Have a

  1. dawn says:

    …very sexy pair if eyes. & you do! always waned to tell you that.p.S:\’tis true not of poker but many such games have variations; not rule in rule-playing of the gaame butt of the stakes as well. we used a mixture of talcum power and water to smer on each others\’ face. was hilarous! whats worse is cos of the proximity and loss of control— i farted in a sorta hummy tone, i cldn\’t deny it and we ended up truly rolling on the floor laughing till tears came (lol)Happy New Year!


  2. Evelyn says:

    Aaaaree you kidding? There are so many different games of poker. First you have your basic game, then there\’s Blind Tiger, Stud Poker – Five card and seven card. Then there\’s lowball- where only low cards count- in addition there are so many variations of Five card Stud poker I\’ve lost count. There are five variation on Draw Poker, Then there\’s Whiskey Poker and Knock Poker. Ever played Eucre ? I have a special deck of cards for that- it\’s fun I guess. ; ) The Castle Lady kiss !


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