Happy New Year ! !

For the Christ child who comes is the Master of all;

No palace too great, no cottage too small.

– Phillips Brooks (Dec. 13, 1835- January 23, 1893)


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4 Responses to Happy New Year ! !

  1. puzzle says:

    And peace to the palaces and cottages – worldwide and for everyone.I love old postcards with their message from the past, how our ancestors might have seen their surroundings.


  2. Evelyn says:

    Glad you liked this- I also adore these old PCs with their quaint but beautiful and sometimes even bizarre images (for their era, anyway!) This one was sent to me electronically by a dear friend in Alabama who had a Live Space for awhile. He seemed to know my tastes right away. Thanks for the message of peace. So appropriate for this time of year! Have a great year ! The Castle Lady


  3. Goumiliov says:

    I\’m sorry but I don\’t understand… What song are you talking about when you notice the Jacque Brel\’s one ?And of course, Happy New Year Evelyn :)Love-n-peace.

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  4. MAGIC JP says:

    Hello Evelyn !It\’s not to late to whish you a happy new year !!My english is bad ..i now !..for the next com ,i will write in french !!Se you later …or se you soon ..i dont now !!!!… dear Castel Lady !By Magic JP***

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