Start Anew

 Artist unknown
 I will start anew this morning with a higher, fairer creed;
I will cease to stand complaining of my ruthless neighbor’s greed;
I will cease to sit repining while my duty’s call is clear;
I will waste no moment whining and my heart shall know no fear.
I will look sometimes about me for the things that merit praise:
I will search for hidden beauties that elude the grumbler’s gaze.
I will try to find contentment in the paths that I must tread;
I will cease to have resentment when another moves ahead.
I will not be swayed by envy when my rival’s strength is shown;
I will not deny his merit, but I’ll try to prove my own;
I will try to see the beauty spread before me, rain or shine;
I will cease to preach your duty and be more concerned with mine.
-S.E. Kiser
The Castle Lady with dutiful and beautiful thoughts…and kisses!  
Proverbe du Jour: You master your enemies not by force but by forgiveness.  – A Mom
Congrats to the Nuggets for their fantastic win against Utah Jazz- 117-97 ! Way to go, J.R., Kleiza and Nene !  

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8 Responses to Start Anew

  1. Unknown says:

    Those are very wise words indeed.Thank you for sharing them with us.Richard


  2. Gaël LOAËC - says:

    un tit bonjour evelynpasse une belle semainebises


  3. Leona says:

    Evelyn, this is absolutely beautiful, I love it. Haven\’t heard it before. Thanks for introducing it and especially for sharing it. I will be printing this to have for future reference it\’s so inspiring. I hope all is going well with you and that you have a good week ahead.


  4. Evelyn says:

    I\’m so happy that this is being enjoyed even though it\’s very difficult. In order to conquer this world today we really need to try our best to live up to this ideal. There is joy at the summit once you get there ! ; ) ) ) The Castle Lady Thanks everybody for all the good wishes.


  5. Happy says:

    Wow, living each day like that, what a humanity we would be.


  6. HRH Daf says:

    Hey! Had a few blogs to catch up with here. Some lovely posts to read through. Hope your well and the suns shining on you!Hugs Daf xx


  7. Dextrose Francis says:

    Wish I had the audio to this as it was sang in my church and I’m thinking of singing it every morning when I rise


    • Evelyn says:

      Thanks for the comment Dextrose ! ; ) When you find the music please do let me know where you obtained the recording or printed music. I did not know this was set to music but I’d love to hear it too ! Again, thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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