O’er My Father’s Castle Wall

The trees they grow high and the leaves they do grow green.
Many’s the time my true love I’ve seen,
Many an hour I’ve watched him all alone
He’s young, but he’s daily growing.
Father, dear father you’ve done me great wrong;
You’ve married me to a boy who is too young.
I’m twice twelve and he is but fourteen,
He’s young, but he’s daily growing.
Daughter, dear daughter I’ve done you no wrong.
I’ve married you to a great lord’s son
He’ll make a lord for you to wait upon:
He’s young, but he’s daily growing.
Father, dear father if you see fit
We’ll send him to college for one year yet.
I’ll tie blue ribbons all around his head,
To let the maidens know he’s married.
One day I was looking o’er my father’s castle wall
I spied all the boys a-playing at the ball.
My own true love was the flower of them all.
He’s young, but he’s daily growing.
At the age of fourteen he was a married man.
At the age of fifteen the father of a son.
At the age of sixteen his grave it was green.
And Death had put an end to his growing.
Anonymous from the 15th century
Mon amour pour toi s’ame’liore’e chaque journe’e !
The Castle Lady 

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7 Responses to O’er My Father’s Castle Wall

  1. Leona says:

    Oh my, my, my! This gives new meaning to one of our favorite quotes, "life is short". Goodness gracious, the beginning of the poem flows smoothly, words roll easily off the tongue, as she laments about his youth and the fact that he is daily growing. Then, BAMM! He\’s dead?! What a downer, reminds me of "Million Dollar Baby". I did not like that movie because of the tragic sudden ending (this poem too).But, that\’s truly life. I have been labeled by those close to me as wanting to live in "la-la-land". Maybe. Because everyday life is so very real I like to escape those harsh realities in the movies I watch and in the poetry I prefer. Thank you for sharing this, it is really beautiful poetry.Happy Sunday!


  2. Evelyn says:

    Hi Leona ! Yes this one\’s a shocker and coming from the 15th century even more so. However the reality in these cases concerning marriage would normally be the opposite. Very young girls were given in marriage to older men- although not generally elder men. So the most likely scenario is missing from this poem. I have found no indication who did this translation- and it was most likely written in French, German or Italian- most likely not Latin- originally. I\’ll have to do more research. Research is sometimes so frustrating. ; ( ; ) The Castle Lady


  3. jeannine says:

    <a href="http://www.casimages.com"><img src="http://nsm01.casimages.com/img/2009/03/05//090305124013516513262236.jpg&quot; alt="Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit" border="0"/></a> le mariage était bien jeune a cette époque pauvre de nous, mais cet homme est mort jeune aussi, amicales pensées j;c;


  4. Kimberly says:

    It has been a while since I visited your wonderful site. Moving and Melancholy that wisp of a poem. Your new music stirs my soul. Take Care Sweet Castle Lady


  5. Theresa says:

    Wow! I was not expecting that ending. Very interesting and enjoyable. Is that bad to say? Yes, that must be the wrong word…a poem about young death can\’t be enjoyable….???? hmmm


  6. Windows Live says:

    Yours is a beautiful poem Thank you I embrace you with all my heart All my deepest friendships Your friend Michael


  7. Douglas says:

    Loved it almost as much as I love you… Keep on writing, the kid who killed Santa…


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