Vail’s Vonn Means Victory ! !

     Good news for the Vail Club here in Colorado is Lindsey Vonn’s recent championship win at the World Cup Super-G ! I happened to catch the news last Thursday after she’d made another victory at Are, Sweden which gave her the overall title. She’s really making World Cup history with each win- to the tune of many Crystal Globes this season and tying the U.S. record which Phil Mahre made in 1982 !
     She’s only twenty-four but won the super-G finale last Thursday- the only American woman so far to win that particular championship. She topped Nadia Fanchini by 45 points with 461 points that day in 1 minute 20.63 seconds. Just the month previously, at Val d’Isere she’d won her third consecutive World Cup Super-G and Thursday’s became her fourth consecutive win- plus her ninth World Cup Victory making it another U.S. first-male or female
     In Lindsey’s own words, "To have five back-to-back (wins) is more than I ever thought was possible. It’s incredible. Going into the season I did not start off so strong, but later in the season I finally picked up a rhythm and stuck with it. It’s been a crazy season for me. I’m really happy."
     Lindsey has been compared to Picabo Street because her consecutive downhill titles matched Street’s in 1995-96 and her youth and meteoric rise but has definitely exceeded her and many others this season by setting new records for the World Cup and with a total of 1,788 points- even with a last downhill slalom race mishap that took her out of the second run. She has had 23 total World Cup victories (of which that number includes this winning season) plus 47 podium finishes- another record for women downhill skiers. This Park City, Utah resident is one to watch for the future.
Kiss the future ! Your own true Castle Lady !
Quote for the day: You’ll learn more about a road by traveling it than by consulting all the maps in the world.
Congrats to Nuggets for winning over the Nets 121-96 !

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One Response to Vail’s Vonn Means Victory ! !

  1. Leona says:

    You\’ll learn more about a road by traveling it than by consulting all the maps in the world. TRUE TRUE TRUE! I love this, Evelyn. It fits me perfectly, like it was written for me and me alone. Sometimes I read too long or study something too long – when I should just get in there and "Just Do It\’ (like Nike)lolLindsey Vonn\’s an amazing young lady and her recent championship win is quite an accomplishment. Thanks for the great review.I hope you have a good weekend. See you next week.


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