Once there were 
No limits to my dreaming
No boundaries to my ambitions
No love I could not possess.
Some fire raged within
Volcanic and seething
Nourished by success
That only at intervals could rest.
Each day another test,
Each idea a challenge beyond compromise,
Critics only shadows, empty voices
That came and went.
Then I lost a love I thought I owned
And tried to conquer life myself alone
While age came crashing into youth
In cosmic conflict,
And left me lost in fears I’d never known.
So… now I’d like
To kiss your hand
Maybe laugh a bit
Give a flower life
Love a child.
Then again there would be no limits to my dreaming !
 copyright by James Kavanaugh
Fait des beau reves, The Castle Lady  


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4 Responses to Once

  1. Gaël LOAËC - says:

    hello evelyndoux week-end par chez toibise


  2. kïrstin says:

    yes green on black is beautiful. i am going to get a bottle of that avon purfume, that got me started on my green post. we didnt get a good snow either … just a little one. after last years ice storom i wasnt really disappointed. snow here isnt great anyway. too icy and hard.thank you for the comment. you always leave interesting thoughts ;)kïrstin☼


  3. Windows Live says:

    Good evening my friend Evelyn I with great attention your beautiful poem Thank you Although you, all my friends the most sincere Kisses Your friend Michael


  4. Leona says:

    This is really very beautiful, Evelyn, so interesting how it brings vivid images of youthful days when dreams knew no boundaries, when fires burned passionately within…fueling us on to whatever dreams we held dear. Thanks for sharing, I love this. It\’ll take me into dreamland tonight (this morning rather) thinking pleasant thoughts of dreams and possibilities.


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