Against All Odds

      If you ever need a role model for your kids I’ve found someone who is possibly the best I’ve ever seen or heard about. Her name is Jessica Cox, she’s twenty-five and she recently got her sport pilot license- the first such certificate to be given to anyone using only her feet for the controls- on October 10, 2008 ! You see, Jessica was born without arms because of bilateral congenital limb deficiency but she can do anything anyone else does. Her certificate qualifies her to fly any light aircraft up to 10,000 feet ( altitude). How’s that for amazing ?
     That isn’t all her abilities and accomplishments. She has two black belts in Tae Kwan-Do, has earned a college degree in Psychology and currently has a career as a motivational speaker. I can’t think of a better person to step up to such a podium ! Apparently, from birth her feet became her hands. She drives a car, types 25 wpm, applies her make-up with her feet and I’ll let the photos show the rest.


     Never let anyone tell you the odds are stacked against you. Jessica is proof that there is no such thing !
 Never give up on your dreams! The Castle Lady   
Quote for the day:
I have no respect for reality as soon as it is acknowledged as such. I am interested
in what I can do with unacknowledged reality.- Elias Canetti
To my faithful readers:
I am going to be busy with a Denver writing project for a number of days and wanted to let everyone
know that it may look abandoned around here for awhile. Never fear. I will be back with lots of
poetry and surprises for April but it may not look like it for awhile. Stay posted or review some old entries.
There’s a lot to read on this blog. Think of it as a chance to catch up or delve a little deeper.


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9 Responses to Against All Odds

  1. Theresa says:

    Wow! Amazing! Determination is powerful thing.


  2. puzzle says:

    A really encouraging lady.


  3. Danyel says:

    Bonjour, mon amie. Merci pour tes commentaires et ton amitié précieuse. Bises. Danyel


  4. Leona says:

    What an amazing young lady, thanks for sharing this with us. I love stories like this to remind me to be more thankful …when I might start to feel overwhelmed and sorry for myself…helps me to put things in their proper perspective and not to whine. But, get up and get busy.


  5. Leona says:

    I forgot …I\’m putting her in my inspiration file for future reference. Thanks, again.


  6. Douglas says:

    WOW, Evelyn, thanks for sharing this, this is amazing!!!


  7. Unknown says:

    Amazing story and your photo gallery is spectacular. Thanks for sharing.


  8. jeannine says:

    bonsoir Evlyn, et toutes mes amitiés, pour toutes tes visites amicales pensées <a href=""><img src="; alt="Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit" border="0"/></a>Jeannine


  9. La Chouette Noire says:

    My dear Evelyn, I translate my Sonnet for Live in english for you. I hope I don\’t make too much mistakes !Tell me if you want me to translate an other one. In the future, I\’ll try to translate as soon I you like,just because you are a very good friend. Have a nice day. Danyel The Owl


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