Lily of the Valley

A grand  old French  tradtion 
 For May Day
I offer you a pretty sprig
of Lily of the Valley
in honor of our friendship.
May 1, 2009 
(Pour á lire en Francais )
  Song of Solomon 2:1-2    from
The Castle Lady

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4 Responses to Lily of the Valley

  1. Gaël LOAËC - says:

    "Lily of the Valley"que c\’ est mignon et ravissant pour désigner le muguet.bises evelyn


  2. Evelyn says:

    I love the scent because it is exotic by nature- almost heady in it- but also light and not heavy or cloying. Merci pour ta visite et comm. ; ) bises a` toi aussi !


  3. puzzle says:

    In German we say something like (translated) "little bells of may", they are silent wanderers all through the garden; they have a strong but lovely perfume and even so is their will. 🙂


  4. Unknown says:

    Apparently there are 110 species in the lily family. They are beautiful flowers. I have known women called Lily, who are equally beautiful and attractive.


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