Do You Love Castles, too ? ?

I recently started a Live Group for Castles so if you would like to get a little more involved
in what I am doing here on this blog and on my official web site
this is your chance to shine and show off your local castle.
If you have questions, answers, photos you’d like to add or possible anecdotes,
poems or have anything to say about castles this is the group where it’s all happening.
All you have to do is request  to join and start photographing and uploading castles ! It’s that easy.
The Castle Lady leading the way to historical bliss ! 
Proverbe du Jour: You can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people
than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. – Dale Carnegie

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One Response to Do You Love Castles, too ? ?

  1. Leona says:

    Wow, this looks like it\’s going to be lots of fun! I\’m not a castle expert or anything so, I\’ll pass it along to people I know so anyone who is will have the info. This is great, Evelyn. I\’ll stay in touch to see how it\’s going.


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