Crookston Castle~ An Ode

Crookston Castle in Renfrew, south of the Firth of Clyde and three miles south of Paisley, is reputedly the legendary marital seat of Mary, Queen of Scots to Lord Henry Darnley. Its date of origin is uncertain but it belonged to the barony of Crookston in the twelfth century of whose heirs happened to be Robert Croc, a Norman gentleman. This X-plan castle which is very similar to Hermitage Castle (which I covered in my only remaining “first” entry on this blog) was built by 1400. In 1489 the two west side towers were blown down by  James I with the cannon Mons Meg which you can see in my Northumberland photo album. (It is # 43 on the album.) The Stuarts gained possession of it in the thirteenth century and thus passed to Lord Darnley. The Northeast tower remains have been added to my Scottish Castles Photo Album so take a look. The following poem is one of many written about Scottish castles. Enjoy! –
                                                                               The Castle Lady
    basement vaulting of Crookston
Thou proud memorial to a former age
Time-ruined Crookston; not in all our land
Romantic with a noble heritage
Of feudal halls, in ruin sternly grand,
More beautiful doth tower or castle stand
Than thou! as oft the lingering traveler tells.
And none more varied sympathies command;
Though where the warrior dwelt, the raven dwells,
With tenderness thy tale the rudest bosom swells.
Along the soul that pleasing sadness steals
Which trembles from a wild harp’s dying fall,
When fancy’s recreative eye reveals
To him, lone-musing by thy moldering wall,
What warriors thronged, what joy rung through thy hall,
When royal Mary- yet unstained by crime,
And with love’s golden scepter ruling all-
Made thee her bridal home. There seems to shine
Still o’er thee splendour shed at that high gorgeous time!
This poem, published in Frank Roy Fraprie’s book
Castles and Keeps of Scotland
published  1993 by Barnes and Noble
 Please see more photos of Crookston which have been added to my Scottish Castles album ! 
The Castle Lady
with splendorous, gorgeous kisses !   
 Congrats to the Nuggets on their incredible 120 over 101 win against the Lakers yesterday ! 
 You guys RCK !  

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5 Responses to Crookston Castle~ An Ode

  1. Leona says:

    Gosh Evelyn, you know more about castles than just about anybody. I had no idea there is so much information out there aobut castles. I guess though, one only has to go in search of it. Thanks for the education and for sharing this! I hope your weekend is nice.


  2. Ste says:

    Hi Evelyn, to answer your question (assuming you haven\’t Googled him, which would have been a whole lot quicker and easier for us both) Albert Moses is best known in this country for his role in Mind Your Language. A sitcom from the late 70s (revived in the mid 80s) about a group of stereotypical foreigners who were all English language students, tutored by Barry Evans as Jeremy Brown. Albert was also in Carry On Emmannuelle, (Hence his presence at a Carry On event) as well as two Bond films; The Spy Who Loved Me and Octopussy.x


  3. Douglas says:

    Okay Sweetie… I read this one too. I commented earlier and deleted the original comment. I was a little out of it and began rambling… I think the "change" is coming back and may need a silver bullet for a cure, a quick fix. I know, WTF?Anyway, another great article my sexy minx. As usual of course.


  4. Evelyn says:

    Hi everybody! This is one of many poems which are available to me about Scottish Castles. Apparently, the appearance of many of them inspired many poets~ or perhaps the Scots poets had a little more reverence for their barons and the estates they built. There are many that will insist that the Scots built very few true castles. I can\’t wait to prove that wrong. The Castle Lady ; ) lots of kisses and hugs ! !


  5. Douglas says:

    Evelyn;Yeah, you have my vote on "Lord Protector" of Scotland. Of course the last soul that had that title was dismembered. Upside; They made a 90 foot statue of him in Edinburgh.Yeah, "Evelyn The Bruce!"


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