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     Just recently a good friend of mine on Live Spaces put up a blog entry from an e-mail that we apparently both received. In it, an article written by an alleged journalist of the Pravda wrote a scathingly sardonic indictment on how the American public have been duped into adopting a Marxist society merely by voting a certain person into office. The portrayal of Americans in it is typically deprecating and I will admit that there is a certain element in Russia who are still coming from this old Bolshevik way of thinking.
     The truth, though is that they are in a minority. I have two very good friends in Russia and Belarus. One is still communist who I have known since we were teenagers and the other is a born again Christian who I have been acquainted with for half a decade. They are both the loveliest people I have ever come to know. Dimitry was kind enough to translate the following for me.
     I  found this on a Russian youth’s Live Space blog, as well. You may find it at  but you won’t be able to read it unless you’re really good with Russian. I think it tells us the truth in the words of the people and not some questionable journalist  trying to make a name for himself by creating a controversy where one doesn’t exist:
               April 7, 2009    What is the reason why the world does not like Russians?
A week ago D. Medvedev had a chance to explore his most recent thoughts and came up
with the question: What is the world’s relationship with Russia in general? There were
leaders of G20 and Obama also. Vlast (Authority) inquired of his readers some thoughts on
this issue:
1. Dmitry Rogozin: Russian Federation representative in NATO: on his observation there is much less to love about Russians than those who called themselves Soviets. A word “soviet” has a much more positive ring to western Europe and USA than “Russia”.
2. Michail Margelov ( head of the International Affairs Committee): In many cases it depends on how do we behave ourselves while abroad. If we are like Europeans then we command much more love and respect.
3. Pavel Bure (Hockey Player) They do not love us but they do respect us. The latter is much more important than the former. Russia is a strong country and the whole world has to defer to our opinion. At the same time I find that most of the Americans expect a reconnection of our relationship.
4. Georg Boos (Kaliningrad regional governor ) The Russians are fond of many ordinary people but there is a great deal of respect in regard to our politicians and businessmen. Russia is a strong country and we are ourselves good competitors concerning western Europe. That is the reason why they do not want our products to be presented to the European markets.
5. Borislav Miloshevich (Ambassador of Yugoslavia in Russian Federation from 1998-2001) New Russians are not in high honor and these are very primitive and even wild people but you cannot judge in regard to all Russians because of this example. I love other Russians, woman in particular and sincerely care about them.
6. Leonid Zamyatin (USSR Ambassador for the UK from 1986-1992) Why do they have to like Russians? They have to respect us. During the cold war the whole world was afraid because of the nuclear warhead threat. Now it is all scrap metal.
7. Andrei Kazyrev (Head of the Board of Directors of InvesttorgBank, minsitry of International Affaires of Russia from 1990-1996) They do love us and we don’t even need to discuss that issue. The Russian artists sell for huge amounts of money. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Nabokov, Bunin, Gagarin are still very important in the art world.
8. Nikas Safronov (Artist ) I am welcomed everywhere but there is a rumor in the West that Russia is the biggest black market dealer. For instance, Americans relate to Russians largely through skepticism and suspicion.
9. Dmitry Bilan (Pop-singer) It occurs in many different ways. We are not well understood in the US for the most part but in the last five years an attitude towards Russians has changed and there is a mistaken impression that life in Russia is very good.
10. Vitaly Klichko (Boxer) I have traveled to quite a few countries now and have not noticed a negative attitude to Russians. In the larger civilized countries hatred and fighting seems to not exist. I believe that sports help us overcome these differences, anyway.
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