Laugh a Little, Smile a Little, Live a Little…

195471231Now that we’re at the threshold of    
it’s time to get some serious action going..
or not so serious ! Are you serious ? ! ? 
Maybe he just wants to cool off !
How about those crazy kids ? Huh ? 
Well, I like to have fun just as much as anybody else but I have to admit I’ve had a difficult time seeing the humor in getting hurt, killed or blown away. Call me crazy will you? I don’t need one of these
                         to make zany little voices…. 
         I’ve got a plethora of those ready for the next personality change coming up any minute now. While we wait. Any minute now. Hmmm.
     Well, there’s so much we can get accomplished during this little break in the action. We could go fly a kite and watch it get stuck in a tree because March winds are over with. Perhaps we should go find a nice pool?
     My own personal goal is to head off for a convention in NYC this year. August should be good. Everybody will be on vacation and I’ll practically have the city to myself just like in 1986 and 1989 ! Sure…
     I know I won’t end up with a sunburn on the roof of my mouth like these two probably will…
     Still glum? 
One word. Delete. Delete. Delete.
   The true path to happiness and enlightenment ! 
Have a great summer !                 
The Castle Lady !     Stay kissed !                 

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One Response to Laugh a Little, Smile a Little, Live a Little…

  1. Evelyn says:

    Here’s an oldie but a goodie on my madcap, zany entries written just for fun. What a reprise, huh? Enjoy the summer.
    The Castle Lady summer 2015


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