Being Alive

     I first heard this song on a Barbara Streisand CD which is the last Broadway album she made. It really resonates for me ~ in more ways than one. I’m dedicating this to Doug Taylor who is a great and intuitive friend. These extremes remind us of what we all are
and should be while we can; alive !   
                                                                                     The Castle Lady
Somebody hold me too close,
Somebody hurt me too deep,
Somebody sit in my chair, and ruin my sleep,
And make me aware of being alive.
Somebody need me too much,
Somebody know me too well,
Somebody pull me up short, and put me through hell,
And give me support for being alive.
Make me alive, make me alive,
Make me confused, mock me with praise,
let me be used, vary my days.
But alone is alone, not alive.
Somebody crowd me with love,
Somebody force me to care,
Somebody make me come through–
I’ll always be there,
as frightened as you–
To help us survive being alive
Stephen Sondheim
Live kisses from The Castle Lady !   
My condolences to Prince Michael, Michael J. III  and Paris Jackson on the death of Michael, their father.
He was a great talent and a fine human being and he will be missed.
Further, my thoughts also go the way of Ryan O’Neal and his son Red on the loss of Farrah.
It’s so sad to lose a beauty like that- ever.
May the angels blush in her presence.
                 In remembrance of one who knows…..


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5 Responses to Being Alive

  1. Keith says:

    Never heard the song that I know of. But the words are awesome!


  2. Douglas says:

    Wow, thank you very much — I really don\’t know what to say?


  3. Evelyn says:

    Wait- there\’s more! Wait\’ll you read it. You\’ll laugh, you\’ll cry and smile and then laugh again. I\’m glad I found a special friend because they\’re not easy to find in this world. You know it. ; ) kiss, hug ! Hi Keith !


  4. Douglas says:

    Thanks again, your Lion King…


  5. Douglas says:

    I\’ve read it all.. You are the mystery to me, yet so familiar. You have (always) my love and admiration.


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