A Street Called Happiness

The street was called Happiness if recall remains a remnant right
There were no lights where I gazed but suddenly
You appeared like an answer to a question that I’d never asked myself.
There were many like you on this street- two were your friends
I don’t know if they still are…
But I dream about this street often when I feel alone
Not often enough
And I whisper your name in all the darkest corners
Because I always think you’re going to be there
When I wake up.
You never are.
I live on this street but I live with a spirit
He loves me and I love him
But he isn’t you.
He can never be you.
 by Evelyn M. Wallace
July 21, 2009
All rights reserved by the author
     The Castle Lady, Evelyn Wallace                                          

About Evelyn

The Castle Lady Official web site: www.ilovecastles.com other blogs: ilovecastles.blogspot.com evelynsrockpages.blogspot.com evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com
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8 Responses to A Street Called Happiness

  1. namchul says:

    더운여름 건강 하세요 …


  2. Francesca says:

    Is it a street in Italy?


  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi Francesca and Mr Sin! I hope you liked this poem. It\’s been a long stretch between inspirations. I wrote this in my head last night when I was out late at night driving and came home and wrote it online. I don\’t do that often. The photo was a kind of muse but it isn\’t a street in Italy. It is Dubrovnik St. in a town in Croatia. I loved the dark and light of the photo. ; ) The Castle Lady


  4. Douglas says:

    Outstanding, I loved it!!!


  5. Laura says:

    Very nice read! Like the pic as well!


  6. Francesca says:

    Thanks for the explanation


  7. Evelyn says:

    I\’m so glad that so many liked this poem. It seemed to come out of nowhere which is not so unusual~ at least for myself. There is a memorial coming up for my oldest brother, Pat, in a week. He died of cancer two years ago and I almost feel like it was written for him even though I wasn\’t conscious of it at the time. I believe I will read this as it seems to have that purpose at this point in time. Thanks for all the good words and support. Evelyn


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