Strange Days Have Found Us…

Grappling with the whole concept of her dream,
 the Princess suddenly decides that maybe she got up on the wrong side of the castle that morning !
The Castle Lady– giving you kisses worth a thousand words…
or less !
          you hear ?          

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5 Responses to Strange Days Have Found Us…

  1. Douglas says:

    Hahaha… Is that you, honey in the bikini?If so, I can understand your Bigfoot sightings in Colorado and I am so sorry about his dogs…


  2. Leona says:

    Ummm…"maybe she got up on the wrong side of the castle that morning?!" You think? Would that not bring about a totally different outcome to the story? I think, yes. It would be very interesting reading. The original was good, but this would bring a whole different POV to the table. Maybe I\’m off on a space journey (as I am so often "fondly" labeled as doing). I just stopped by to see how you are and to let you know I’m thinking of you and I hope all is well with you.I also wish you a very very good weekend! (((((Love & Hugs))))) from Leona in Texas


  3. Evelyn says:

    Yes. In this case the whole concept is a bit "wonky" as Northern Englanders like to say. Some dreams can really disorient a morning, you know what I mean ? ? It can make your whole day strange. This time it\’s been the entire week. I guess the strangest thing of all is that for reasons unknown to me- I like when that happens because if something has been perplexing me it usually straightens right out. Probably just an attitude adjustment from the Big Guy in the Sky ! ; ) Thanks for stopping by ! XD The Castle Lady


  4. puzzle says:

    love this posting, especially Rapunzel\’s plait shedding off that dummy prince ^^ – I never liked that fairy tail\’s roles.


  5. Evelyn says:

    Yes Puzzle I never really cared for the story of Rapunzel either. Maybe somebody needs to write a fractured fairytale on this idea. Any takers ? ? ? ; ) Hugs and kisses from The Castle Lady


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