August Fifth- In Remembrance

 The bridge to the trains.                                     Korczak at 10
On August 5, 1942, sixty-seven years ago, Janusz Korczak, along with the orphans
he fought so hard to save, marched to the trains and ultimately to the gas chambers
at Treblinka in Poland. He chose to go with them so they didn’t have to face death
For more information see my July 25, 2006 entry:
"Doing Battle With Demons"
and for further reading, the following books are still available:
Father of the Orphans: The Story of Janusz Korczak  E.P. Dutton 1989
Ghetto Diary by Janusz Korczak  Yale University Press 2003
The Castle Lady with such big kisses you’ll never feel alone ! 

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5 Responses to August Fifth- In Remembrance

  1. Leona says:

    What a moving post. This is very interesting information I had not heard before, thanks for the education. You are so good about that, sharing things of historical importance. I can always count on learning something new and interesting when I come by here. I hope everything is okay with you and that you had a nice day today and that your weekend was good. Have a fantastic week!


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for the encouragement on this Leona ! I know it\’s very difficult reading or seeing anything about the Holocaust because it\’s so horrific to think about to begin with and sometimes just too much for the countenance to take. It\’s best we face these historical facts bravely though. For the fact that we don\’t want repeat it. Evelyn Hope you had a good WE too !


  3. Douglas says:

    Wow, a real hero this man is. "He chose to go with them so they didn\’t have to face deathalone." I am most certain that God met him at the Heaven\’s Gate!!!


  4. Evelyn says:

    Yes he certainly was Doug. The Nazi authorities that were running this particular trek to the trains knew of him and they told him he did not have to go with them. He was very well respected by the Germans for his books. This man really was a genius. He was a Jewish atheist by choice but as you can see- his heart was attuned with God\’s. We can never assume someone\’s fate from looking on the outside or by what they say. It\’s their actions that make them God\’s own. Thanks for the comments Doug ! kiss, hug ! Your sexy minx ! XD


  5. carolyn says:

    How sad. When i read things like this , i put myself in thier place. It really saddens me and brings me to tears.


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