Ode of a Dancing Girl

 I have, on a couple of occasions through the years, posted some poetry of Rabindranath Tagore who was an Indian poet, artist and philosopher. He kept to strong political opinions which did not fit in with his times or even his country in many instances. He was a free-thinker whose influences were both traditional and departures from his native culture. He is published quite a bit in English plus many other languages and his personal history is long and fascinating. The following is from his book Gitanjali which was published in English by Macmillan in 1913. I have enjoyed his viewpoints in poetry. The English translation of his poem is his own writing, the title to this entry is mine.
 The Castle Lady 
                                                                                     Dancing Girl, undated ink-on-paper art by Tagore
       আমার এ গান ছেড়েছে তার সকল অলংকার
তোমার কাছে রাখে নি আর সাজের অহংকার।
অলংকার যে মাঝে পড়ে মিলনেতে আড়াল করে,
তোমার কথা ঢাকে যে তার মুখর ঝংকার।

তোমার কাছে খাটে না মোর কবির গর্ব করা,

মহাকবি তোমার পায়ে দিতে যে চাই ধরা।

জীবন লয়ে যতন করি যদি সরল বাঁশি গড়ি,

আপন সুরে দিবে ভরি সকল ছিদ্র তার।

Ornaments would mar our union;
they would come between thee and me;
their jingling would drown thy whispers."
"My song has put off her adornments.
She has no pride of dress and decoration.
"My poet’s vanity dies in shame before thy sight.
O master poet, I have sat down at thy feet.
Only let me make my life simple and straight,
like a flute of reed for thee to fill with music."
Rabindranath Tagore
(May 7, 1861-August 7, 1941)
Proverbe du Jour:
"শূন্য নদীর তীরে রহিনু পড়ি / যাহা ছিল লয়ে গেল সোনার তরী" – Rabindranath Tagore
Translation: All I had achieved was carried off on the golden boat- only I was left behind.
All my love and kisses!
The Castle Lady 

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One Response to Ode of a Dancing Girl

  1. Douglas says:

    Interesting read. This is something that I would NEVER read on my own. Thank you for the exposure, Evelyn, and of course you are always "My Sexy Minx!!!"Doug


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