And the Reuben Award went to…

Every year they give out an award to the top cartoonist here in the U.S. which is called
the Reuben Awards. We have great funnies here, I think, and I’m going to show you with just
a few that I read on a regular basis. Actually, the truth ? I read them all every day.
These are just a few my favorites:
 Garfield, baby !
An old favorite, Blondie. People used to call me Blondie when they didn’t know my name.
Hagar the Horrible- very often the best in castle humor !
But the winner this year was a relatively new guy ….
 tu pete’ ou quoi ? XD
Before summer started one of the top cartoonist awards went to Mark Tatulli with LIO.
I love LIO the best, too, and I still say that kid reminds me of someone…
The Castle Lady, with only the best in reading!

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4 Responses to And the Reuben Award went to…

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for sharing these!


  2. Leona says:

    You have some of my very favorites here, Garfield, Blondie, and Hagar. I haven\’t seen the others, are they regional over there? Thanks for sharing, I haven\’t read the comics in over three months. I hope tomorrow is a good day for you as well as the rest of the week. All is well here, nothing happening, just wanted to show my face.


  3. Evelyn says:

    That\’s the weird thing besides the fact that we\’re losing so many newspapers. Some say \’good riddance\’ but I have thoughts completely in the other direction concerning that~ have an entry especially on that subject alone coming up~ but additionally with syndication still in effect there are lots of funnies Denver Post gets that you may not. Let me guess… the Houston Chronicle maybe ? You don\’t have to answer that… politics can get sooo sticky anymore. I\’m glad to be an independant ! LOL I\’m glad you had the chance to see something new ! ! I\’ve done a lot of traveling in the States, too, and one thing I found out early is that you may not see even the big favorites in certain cities or possibly in other papers. I have gotten into the habit of buying all the papers I can get my hands on in each city. Sometimes that works ! Thanks for stopping by ! The Castle Lady


  4. carolyn says:

    you gotta love hagar lol


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