I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends…

     I’ve had full intent on doing a showcase on all the friends I’ve made on MSN Live Spaces through the years and I made a definite decision that I would not let the year 2009 pass without getting the job done. Without any further ado here is a small tribute from me to you all of just a few of the wonderful people I’ve come to know- there are so many of you now, more than a hundred ! – I wish I could fit everybody in this entry.
     Maybe I’ll do some more a bit later on this year…           The Castle Lady
     Most recently you may have seen my friend Doug and Leona’s comments quite a bit. Both are like me. Writing is our raison d’etre. They both have hearts of gold and keen senses of humor and I also respect their opinions to the utmost !
     Doug is the author of the amazing Caledon series of books which can be sourced at your local internet or regular bookstore. Just look for Sword of Souls; Chronicles of Caledon or The Crimson Reaver (a part of the same series). He’s got his own world up there in the Badlands and with a nice family to boot ! He wrote an entry on me earlier this year which was absolutely charming and absolutely Doug too, entitled, "Has Anybody Seen My Pal?"    I just adore him…
isn’t he precious ? ?  
It’s Doug’s birthday today, too, so wish him a Happy Birthday, OK ? 
     Leona is a retired teacher and poet at heart and you can find that out if you check out her book, "At the Starting Gate" . I have my own personal copy, signed and everything, and the book contains more refreshing insights into life than I have read anywhere in recent memory. We both have a multitude of blogs to keep up with all our ideas and her motto is : It’s never too late to dream… 


I concur. She’s also a very natural beauty, don’t you think?
     I have quite a few Italian friends…
                      Mirco is a long time friend. We have bantered back and forth in Italian and English when we chat on messenger and he’s wild about Avril Lavigne! In fact, his web site is almost totally devoted to her !
     Giuseppe loves cars like me and he’s happy working on them all day long !
  …he also likes being his Nephew’s horse !
     My amorous friend Francesco convinced me to put photos of myself on this blog and now, in retrospect, I’m glad I took his advice. It was an idea meraviglioso ! So here’s what he looks like:
Not bad, huh?                                         
     Now Joey Dalton is from the deep South (all the way down there in Eureka, Kansas) and he can make me laugh like nobody’s business ! His photos will make you giggle for weeks !
This looks nothing like him but it’s what he gave me. See ? Look in the network for a cowboy avatar !
     Bobbi and   (Swan) are two of my many pals in China. Both love learning languages and it’s a good thing because I can’t read their symbols ! LOL  We have a great time chatting with Roman letters in quite a few languages, though ! They have both been to England so they love my site of course…  

 Bobbie   Swan

 Swan in Paris’ Tuileries

     If you see an avatar of the Fab Four hanging around my network it’s not your imagination! Definitely click on it and you’ll get a chance to see some Beatle memorabilia plus much more. Carolyn’s  blog actually is the Yellow Submarine !
     Olivier, aka Olicat is the best French ami any American could have and he’s got a young family started ! He really loves cats, his baby daughter Eva and of course her Mama ! He really knows the meaning of Joie de Vivre but he’s a hard worker and has a lot of beautiful and fun web sites!
     Some of my friends have been more pen-pals than internet pals- but occasionally they visit- we just can’t see them- so, say hello to Lyns and Karen in England, Dima in Belarus and Ron in Australia! I’ve written to Karen since we were both fifteen !
Dima of Belarus       Lyns and her boyfriend !
 Karen  Ron the Aussie
     Joy is the very first Christian friend I made on MSN Live Spaces! Here she is with three of her closest friends in Spain! I don’t know where exactly they’re at but it’s Spain!
  Joy is here on the far right !
They really look like they’re having a great time, huh?
      Well, that’s all I have time for now but,- who knows ? – , if you’re on my network you might see yourself on here in the near future!
Many kisses for my many friends !
The Castle Lady     
  hee hee, I just love to kiss !

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6 Responses to I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends…

  1. Douglas says:

    Wow what a super-nice heartwarming article. You have a lot of nice friends here. Not just saying that because am in this article, to the contrary. Yes, many people did wish me a "Happy Birthday" and all.Thanks, My Sexy Minx!!!!


  2. Douglas says:

    Oh, the second book of the series is "The Crimson Reaver"


  3. Evelyn says:

    I knew you\’d like it and look… my lion\’s back again ! BIG HUGS AND KISSES !


  4. Joe says:

    Evelyn, you are such a wonderful friend!My avatar is great, exactly how I was no so long ago ;-))Hugs & Kisses,Joey


  5. Evelyn says:

    Well, Joey part of the fun is that we really don\’t know which is the real you. I like to do that a little myself with all my little "representative" thumb nail photos and images. The one on this is actually me but I wanted it to be alongside an old Corvette. Clever eh ? hugs and kisses back ! Evelyn


  6. momo says:

    MON COEUR bat vite en voyant nos photosmerci merci beaucoup tu es adorableje t adore gros bisous


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