Don’t Let Them Lie to You ! ! !

The following message is from the desk of Bobby Clark the Executive Director of Progress Now Colorado. It is a democratic organization with the people’s welfare in mind. I agree with this message wholeheartedly and that means 100%. If you are starting to wonder about all the Republican rebuff you owe it to yourself to check out the following and do something about it. The Castle Lady
To find out more facts on Obama’s Health Care Package click:
     Is the public option dead? If you read the headlines, you’d think so. But it’s just not the case. The bottom line is this: nothing has changed. President Obama has always said that health insurance reform must lower costs, must ensure that there are affordable options for all Americans, and it must increase choice and competition.

He believes the public option is the best way to achieve those goals. Presidential senior advisor Valerie Jarrett reiterated that on Saturday at a public event, and this morning Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius was explicit: "We continue to support the public option that will help lower costs, give American consumers more choice, and keep private insurers honest." But industry lobbyists are still spending $1.4 million a day to convince Congress otherwise.

Tell Congress not to back down.

Despite the fear mongering and outright lies from reform opponents like State Senator Josh Penry, Coloradans need health insurance reform. Our premiums have increased 91% since 2000. Every day, 100 working families lose their employer-sponsored insurance because it has become too expensive. And those who do have insurance worry about insurance company bureaucrats making decisions about their medical care instead of their doctor. (Evelyn’s note: Does it make sense for Republican politicians to go on and on about Obama controlling the health care program and not mind that the insurance companies already do that to a large extent without asking us our permission to do so ? Think about it. )

President Obama’s plan will ensure that Coloradans have secure, affordable choices for health insurance. A public health insurance option will serve as a check on the greed of the for-profit insurance industry. Tell Congress to make sure a public option is included in the final bill.

Don’t let partisan ideologues like State Senator Josh Penry bamboozle the public into believing falsehoods about the President’s reform plan. In a recent op-ed, he wrote that reform "isn’t going to come from Washington, D.C." but from "private-sector innovation." It’s the same tired, hackneyed philosophy that brought us the health insurance system that is bankrupting Colorado families while lining the pockets of health insurance CEOs.

To declare your support for the President’s health insurance reform plan, including a public option you have to let congress know you support it.

With a kiss, hug and atta-boy, The Castle Lady !



My condolences go out to the Kennedy family. The "Lion of the Senate" will be greatly missed.



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10 Responses to Don’t Let Them Lie to You ! ! !

  1. Bob says:

    be careful what you ask for


  2. Douglas says:

    "It\’s the same tired, hackneyed philosophy that brought us the health insurance system that is bankrupting Colorado families while lining the pockets of health insurance CEOs." Yes, I am very encouraged on your point of view and I agree too. In my opinion, the Democrats in DC have very little backbone. I wish it was the other way around, that these folks had some iron instead. I get so upset with this party. As far as the Republicans, I gave up on them years ago. Thanks for writing this piece. I am encouraged.


  3. Evelyn says:

    Bob, we\’ve had eight years of being careful what we asked for and where did that get us? It\’s time for the kind of change that WE want not what insurance companies think we\’re entitled to…and we\’ve needed this change since before Clinton took office. We\’ve been more than patient and careful. It\’s time to do something. Love and kisses always ! Dougie, my Doug ! ; )


  4. Bob says:

    You\’re right Socialism is so much better then the past 8 years. Wait till the government controls your writing then will talk. Think it wont happen, well how would you know since you spend more time looking at the past instead of seeing the real change that is coming. True, we do need a change, but our children and theirs will hate us for the change that we are allowing to happen under this administration. Look to the future stop mulling over the past.


  5. Douglas says:

    Evelyn;Speaking about Socialism. Our public schools are socialized, the veteran medical that I am under has been socialized since the conception and I believe NOW in recent years its been better than the corporate counterpart as far as quality of medical treatment and care. "Socialized…" in our government is nothing new, this isn\’t something that just happened. Naturally the lobbyists and those that are controlled by these special interests groups will be against this.Anyway, thanks again Evelyn for writing this piece and expressing your personal thoughts in this matter that seems to be the pulse of the nation and the concerns of many for and or against. The truth of the matter in regards to "Quality" the socialized medical care seems to be far better than our own. We are ranking number 35th in the world and 34 other countries, those that have "Socialized" medical care, the people are living longer, and argumentatively healthier and outrank us. According to the statistic of the World Health Organization and other sources our medical system in general is mediocre at best, at best!Those are the present-day statistics. The multi-faceted motives of the "left wing" and the "right wing" extremists here in America has done their jobs most effectively over the decades and many people, too many are in the "middle" and being in the middle of the road on this issue alone is in a perfect path to get ran over by an oncoming Semi.


  6. Evelyn says:

    The only person who is stuck in the past Bob, is yourself in this debate. I\’ve been writing pretty much what I want for as long as I remember and when that changes I\’ll let you know. This fantasy you have that we\’re living under some kind of socialist government is another figment of your imagination. Saying it over and over again won\’t make it true either. I will say this though, the Homeland Security that the Bush administration put into place after the 9-11 debacle is as close to being totalitarian than I ever thought I would see happen in this country. Let me ask you this question Bob: What kind of change are YOU talking about ? Looking forward to a brighter future not more of the same Republican garbage , The Castle Lady


  7. Evelyn says:

    Another note: Please look over the docs on the links for the real scoop. This was not put up as another forum for the right wing extremists to spread their enormous lies. Don\’t buy for even one minute the lie that Obama wants government control over Health Care in this country. If you refuse to look at it then don\’t bother to comment on something you haven\’t bothered to read. The only part of this I wrote is where I noted. The rest was written by Bobby Clark who I mentioned at the beginning of this entry. You owe it to yourself to at least read it and mull it over. If you like what you see, sign the petition. Thanks ! ; ) kisses Dougie for your interest !


  8. puzzle says:

    I will never understand a political and economic entity (which is any kind of state in the world) where its members can avoid from their responsability for a common basic health-care system as long as they agree to participate in a military budget by their tax dollars – doesn\’t anybody notice that this protection from illness and defense of the whole entity at least was something quite similar but a lot nearer to everybody he comes in touch with? To agree with a health-care system means to protect oneself as well, even if he/she was one of the lucky people with a better private health insurance


  9. Douglas says:

    @Evelyn;Yeah, I read the article here — Just saying, and I signed the petition too. Personally if I have a friend and someone as close to my heart such as yourself and other folks, I tend to read what they have to say and check out their particular point of view on a particular subject. I for one, may not agree with said topic or their point of view — Regardless, I also give my feedback as thoughtful and as concise as my "medication" will allow me to the author.A while back I did a piece on Obama, several pieces of things I certainly did not like on what he was back-peddling on, and the lethargic progress that I perceived he was doing things. However on his plan to restore the U.S. Financial Debacle I downloaded from the site and posted a link directly to the .PDF.I know that the pdf, the plan was written great, dressed up nice as far as someone knowing a thing or two about creating a pdf document — Kudos to whomever that was by the way. I read it from cover to cover and drawn up my own personal conclusion based upon my understanding and comprehension skills. Most of these public documents are written for the 5th Grade Grammar School level. So, I a thinking, most people in America could read and understand it — But they (in general) don\’t.After all, I did… I realize that might not be saying much.I am not the type of person that plays a game console and allow the National News to dictate what I should believe. If I want sensationalism I\’ll read a good book or a wonderfully witty blog. When I personally attack my government in ranting on my own site, the journalist comes out in me by furnishing links to the topic I am fuming about and factual quotes and all. Such as you did here. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinions in the U.S. However, some opinions sure make you wonder and shake your head at the vile ignorance and absurdity that also makes One wonder, "How in the hell can another believe in such hogwash?" Case in Point: The Birthers…Thanks again for a wonderful thought-provoking piece that is on most people\’s minds here in America, Evelyn. Also apologize for this long comment.Dougie


  10. Evelyn says:

    It\’s good to see a comment from Puzzle on here as well. I don\’t believe you absolutely have to live in a country to attempt to understand it\’s political framework and ideologies that prevail. The U.S. is more unique than the world as a whole realizes. This isn\’t ignorance per se. We have a very complex form of Government and when a good man runs it, it runs well. If vice-versa it certainly shows what can go wrong. That being said I understand where Puzzle was going with her words which are being translated- remember- from another language to our own. I don\’t understand how socialism came to be a dirty word in the U.S. Since when? Well, I don\’t know when it started but unless one is a political science major the subtleties of our Government can be a bit of a puzzle ( ; ) ) ! ! ! Socialism was in our ideologies even from the beginning but we have a wonderful constitution that kept it at a minimum. I don\’t know how any country can run without laws. I don\’t know how freedom can exist without considering the freedom of all. We have it here. Let\’s make the best of it we can ! I\’m so glad you liked Obama\’s package Doug ! I hope everyone takes a look at the package. Kisses to Puzzle for the great comments ! ; )


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