Christianity is Jewish

Christianity was first embraced by Jews because it is the fulfillment of what had
been promised and handed down by faithful Jews through the centuries.
Therefore, it is far more Jewish than Gentile.
Gradually people learned that God meant the message of salvation
through the Messiah to be given to any
who would listen, regardless of their national,
racial, or religious background.
-Edith Schaeffer author of Christianity is Jewish
May Yom Kippur be blessed and joyous for you !  
The Castle Lady

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5 Responses to Christianity is Jewish

  1. 依依 says:

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  2. Faerie says:

    Well, if you follow the bible, then Jesus was a jew…a jewish carpenter. The main differnce between the "religions" being that the jews are certain that the son of god, the savior, is still yet to arrive, and the christians believe he has already come. I believe in God, in a Higher Power, and in all that holds true in faith….religion on the other hand, is all created by man. Faith is the only thing we truly possess and know in our hearts as true…our religion, is all based on the hope that what someone tells us is true…although yes still faith, I prefer to believe what I feel is right in my heart, not follow the rules of what others have told me is right….isn\’t that the truth in faith? Christian or Jew?


  3. Evelyn says:

    Yes. What you have expounded on here fills in the gaps. It\’s important that we remember that all the basic tenets of the Jewish faith should be in Christianity. If they are not or some are removed then we can hold those tenets as differing from the original tenets laid down- and Jesus insisted that he had no intention of changing- as a Christian sect. All this, the different denominations, make following the tenets a very confusing issue. I see it this way: Jesus added mercy to the laws by his sacrifice on the cross. That sacrifice was present in the old testament. His was the final act for redemption. It is possible to follow all the tenets of the original Jewish faith and believe Jesus is the Messiah and many people today do just that, Jewish or non-Jewish. I hope that clarifies my assertion with Edith\’s words. ; ) hugs and kisses, The Castle Lady


  4. KAMRAN says:

    Some religions can change their color at the drop of a hat. Good luck to you all. Kamran


  5. Evelyn says:

    Perhaps SOME religions do- there are a few I can name which say they are Christian but they do not regard Jesus as a deity. My precedent for a Christian religion is that they MUST regard the deity of Jesus Christ in order to say that they are truly a Christian religion. The Jewish faith, in its purity,( i.e. Orthodox) has not changed their basic tenets for hundreds and hundreds of years. I\’m assuming this is what you mean by using the word COLOR. Thanks for coming by and commenting ! The Castle Lady


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