This is it…. just go and take a friend !

    I just came back about an hour and a half ago from seeing the first screening of Michael Jackson’s family’s This is it tribute and I was absolutely annihilated over the way it was edited in that we finally get to see the real Michael. To say I was pleasantly surprised is putting it mildly. Essentially the film takes us on a visual tour of what his London concerts would have been like if his untimely death had not stood in the way. Each song hit was highlighted with mostly outtakes of the process but with full entertainment value; some going back to the very beginning of his career with the Jackson 5.
   At the beginning of the film we are given short bits on the backup singers and dancers who were picked by Michael to help with the comeback concerts and even their brief comments were very touching and heartwarming. Many of the set designs, special effects and videos he was planning on using are in full presence in this film so you don’t feel like you are watching a documentary at all. Indeed, it isn’t a documentary. 
   This may be the best tribute of all, despite what the critics say- and they already said too much- because it’s Michael up close and real but in full swing the way he always is and as musical as ever. Some of the dialogue is eerily prophetic and the part where they cover Thriller was purposely changed and amplified to the max and to great effect.
    I have watched and listened to Michael Jackson all my life, I feel I grew up with him because in a very real way, I did. Tonight I got to see everything- the way he laughs, God blesses everyone and then breaks into his phenomenal dancing- and he was everything I ever imagined and more. His whole body was music and because of that everyone who stayed on the side of refraining from judging him continues to enjoy him even while we mourn his passing….
Michael’s autobiography Moonwalk has been re-released as well. It will be worth checking out.
          This is it !   The Castle Lady 
can’t stop loving you !    

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