I get by with a little help from my friends…. Part Two

     I believe I have the best friends on MSN’s Live Spaces because they are so diversified and so interesting. I have hand-picked almost every one of them or in some way they found me and I am definitely a better person for it. I’m out to prove it, though, and here’s the proof. This isn’t a long story but it might interest any blogger out in cyberspace how to make a real friend out there without getting yourself caught up in some mind-blowing idiotic cult. You know what I’m talking about.  Without any further adieu, here is a roster and a short bio on my history with my friends who happen to be called my network:
     First there’s Keith who is relatively new on my network of friends. He has a very interesting day job and he’s an extraordinary talent on the guitar. I sent him a copy of my inspirational book, "In Spirit and In Truth" and these are some of the words he used to describe it:
  I have been leading worship in one capacity or another… for over three and a half
years. I have led well over a hundred people in worship…
and I have never seen a good deal of the things that Evelyn speaks of within her book.
Perhaps it’s because I’m not ready, or have not fully submitted unto God.
Perhaps it’s due to fear, the fear of the supernatural that I know exists…
I many times fear what He might do if I would just dare to let Him.
I would recommend the reading of "In Spirit and in Truth" to anyone currently involved
in the leading of worship and anyone aspiring to lead worship.
Here is a link so you can read more on his experience in reading my book:
     I remember when Mr. Sin first showed up on this Live Space with a comment. He knew how to say a few words in English and all the rest was in Korean characters. Now I know a little bit of Korean, phonetically, but I never learned any of the characters because you can study Korean in our alphabet. Luckily, I had just made friends with David Yoo who I noticed was a Korean living in California. I asked him to go to my photo that Mr. Sin had made a comment on and tell me what he said. As it turned out he was basically trying to tell me he was my biggest fan ! Is that cool or what ? I’m very grateful to both for their continuing friendship and glad that I had familiarized myself enough with the written language so I could tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. When you get a chance check out Mr. Sin’s web site. It is absolutely amazing and I don’t know how anyone could top it. He’s got every gadget you can think of downloaded on it and it’s beautiful as well.  Here’s David:
     I also love to visit with my friend Kate who has a Live Space totally devoted to our fav band of all time- KISS ! One day when we were chatting I told her she should call her blog Kiss Me Kate!  We both have extensive disc collections of their music going all the way back to the beginning of their careers. Here she is ! Sorry,  guys ! She’s got a boyfriend already !
     Magic JP is a prestidigitator… yes… a tour de passe-passe extraordinaire… Un bricoleur en magie desee’ne a` Puy de Dome! A professional magician, that is ! He decided he liked my pirate music on my WMP on this blog about a year ago and pinched it but it was very apropos on his Space and so I let him keep it. He also has great taste in cars !
     My friend Val in Italy puts up very funny and thought provoking entries but she’s a little busy with college right now. Best to let her study….   
     My French friends, Dany, Poopsee, Belle, Mammo and Gael are the apples of my eye. Mammo is my French maman and I just adore her winning smile and vivid imagery in her poetry. They are all stars in my book and I love everyone of them with all my heart ! If you understand French really well I recommend that you go read their voluminous amounts of heart felt words. They have quite a few blogs so have fun looking for them all. Dany loves owls just like me, Gael is an entrepreneur in Brittany and Poopsee has recently published a book- all wonderful poets !
   Dany        Mammo Poopsee
     ( Mes amis de poesies, Dany, Poopsee, Belle, Mammo et Gael ils ont comme a` la prunelle de mes yeux. Mammo, ma maman francais, j’adore sa sourire charmant et poesie vivante. Ils ont tout comme les celebrite’s a` mon coeur et j’adore ceux poemes tres bien ! Si tu comprends le francais bien je te conseille a` visiter ces bulles a` lire leurs mots sincere. Il y a plusiers des bulles d’eux, si quand tu cherche que s’amuser.)
      Then, there is my Yorkshire friend, Stevader, who likes to surprise his friends with new subjects all the time. Apparently he’s so good at it that there are a lot of Stevader wannnabes out there. I think he’s unique and difficult to imitate, though, like most North Englishmen. When you go to his site you’re going to see a lot of photos of English actors and I’m learning quite a bit. We really don’t get very much English TV here in the States so if you visit him you’ll find out about the entertainment world on the other side of the pond, if you’re American. If you’re European you probably know all those people ! Here he’s just snagged another autograph from Louisa Lytton ! Cheeky !
     If you prefer your poetry in Spanish my friend Eternia writes wonderful Goth poetry en espagnol. It’s lovely !
     If you are in a light hearted mood and you love to read jeu de mots en Francais you should check out Madame Ping & Mr Pong. Their Live Space c’est de s’amuser beaucoup ! Sheer fun !
     Ellen is also a long time friend on my network. She’s gone quite a bit but she has a wonderful blog called
Ellie’s Castle of Dreams and writes very wise quotes, such as:
  Ellie with her son Justin 
     "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."
   or "A woman’s heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek Him in order to find her."
                    Just priceless. I love all you guys !   
 Amities pour toujours a` tout le monde ! 
Le Chateau Demoiselle  aka The Castle Lady aka El Castillo Senora  

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7 Responses to I get by with a little help from my friends…. Part Two

  1. kïrstin says:

    aw thats really sweet evelyn! what a nice idea for a post 🙂 and some sites to check out too … very refreshing my dear!k☼


  2. Francesca says:



  3. Douglas says:

    This is a wonderful article and I can see you have great friends. Bye!


  4. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for the wonderful words. It\’s true that I love you all because you wouldn\’t be on my network if I didn\’t. LOOK OUT ! XD You might show up on here next ! ; ) kisses !


  5. MAGIC JP says:

    Hello !Thanks for YOUR wonderful word and article !To see my magic castel , the Robin \’s castel ! look to my album " Robin des bulles "photos et montages !It\’s made by Magic JP !By EvelynMagic kiss of me!


  6. un monde
    en somme
    une personne


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