Kimberley and Lady J – New on my Web Site !

     I am very excited to introduce some new castle artisans on my official web site this year. If you have been a regular visitor you may have seen their new links on my home page among my castle connection links. Both Kimberley and Lady J are my discoveries and I enjoy their web sites immensely. I hope this will get you curious to take a look at their sites as both have wonderful talent at their art or craft and I’m sure they would love to have more fans.
     Kimberley has been painting British Castles along with other European Chateaux for quite a few years now and she does such beautiful work that I had to look at all she had available on her web site. When you go to ilovecastles just scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on her link:
      This is Kimberley on the Isle of Man painting Peel Castle:
     Another new gal on my site is Lady J who makes these wonderful candles and soaps in the shape of European Medieval Castles. I had to show them off, of course. Next time you visit my site, scroll down to the bottom and click away.
 This can be a soap or candle !

 This is what her icon looks like !

     There are a lot of people who love castles, dahling !  
Evelyn, The Castle Lady
bringing you the best in everything that is a castle !    

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