Happy Saint Dwynwen’s Day ! !

     I’ll bet you’re saying, "Who is Saint Dwynwen and why should we celebrate?" Well, you don’t have to celebrate it but in Wales it would be a terrible shame if you didn’t. A good equivalent to our own holidays would be St Valentine’s Day because the Welsh celebrate her feast day with cards, flowers, special sweets made in Wales, and poetry for lovers. This patron saint of lovers was the daughter of 5th century Welsh saint and King, Brychan Brycheiniog. 
     According to legend Dwynwen (pronounced: Duinen) was in love with Prince Maelon Dafodrill but her father refused the match with him and promised her to someone who met with his approval. It is told that she fled to the woods in grief but another version states that Maelon chased her and tried to woo her. In her distress she prayed to God that she would forget Maelon and in answer an angel came to her and gave her a potion which eased her heartache but also turned Maelon into a block of ice. Upon this, she was given three wishes and she made her first wish to free Maelon from his icy statue grave, her second that she would never fall in love again or marry and thirdly that God would always answer her prayers on behalf of all lovers. It is believed that all who pray to her will find true love or are cured of their lovesickness.
     To see evidence of her actual person you can visit the convent where she lived as a nun on Llanddwyn Island which is a stretch of land off the coast of Anglesey in North Wales. Her holy well is a site of pilgrimage for hopeful or forlorn lovers.
     The other reason why I celebrate this day is because it also happens to be my Mom’s birthday! As a matter of fact you are allowed to celebrate my Mom’s birthday all week long and she prefers it that way. Saint Mary Jane we call her and if you are so inclined you could write to the Pope and request he make it official. Lord knows she’s worked hard enough for it !  
Love and kisses from The Castle Lady !

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2 Responses to Happy Saint Dwynwen’s Day ! !

  1. momo says:

    happy St Valentine\’s Day kiss evelyn


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for the nice wishes Oli ! Our St. Valentine\’s isn\’t too far away~ February 14th ! Much love comes your way ! The Castle Lady ; )


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