The Cumbrians are Coming ! The Cumbrians are Coming !

      Derwent & Skiddaw     
     Finally, the county of Cumberland will be up in full force on my web site with many, many castles for you to see and read about very soon. When you click on England (and specifically Cumberland on that map) you will be treated to a complete listing of castles which still show full or interesting partial remains. Some are renaissance castles but many are medieval and you’ll find fourteen more castles than I have previously covered on this blog (The Cumberland Experience April 13, 2006 & A bit more of Cumberland  Dec 13, 2007) so there are a lot of new castles to see and read about on this county. There are several new discoveries of mine which did not make it on my list because they are much too remote and on strictly private property which would make it impossible for someone to visit. These may make it to my site eventually but for right now they will remain left alone since it is not my desire to mislead anyone about the accessibility of a castle.
 (Derwent Water froze over recently ! )
     This year you will see the north England counties go up on the site regularly and on this blog you will be able to read details about the southern portion of England’s castles and grand estates. I’ll make sure to tell you when a new county goes up. Northumberland is next which has more than a hundred castles so it will take awhile to put that particular county up on the site. Patience is a virtue !
        Egremont Castle    High Head Castle ruins
     By now you can see how much heritage and history remains in England to see. I hope this gets you excited enough to go on your next excursion out of our woods and to plunge into the endlessly fascinating wonder of England and Wales. My forthcoming book, "The Castle Lover’s Guide ™ to England and Wales" will be chock full of castles to visit and even stay at along with many tips on the easiest way to go castling all over England, Wales and the British Isles. It will be possible to reserve a copy prior to publication so keep visiting the site throughout this year to make sure you don’t miss out on the 1st edition.
   Furness Abbey    Greystoke   Piel
     So what’s next on the Castlelady blog, you ask? Well, once you see the text and photos on the Cumberland castles you will know a little more about an extraordinary aristocratic English woman by the name of Lady Anne Clifford. I’m going to tell you a little more about this woman and her life and trials in regaining her purloined inheritance and what extraordinary work she did in not just rebuilding her castles but rebuilding English pride in their history and culture. That’s next ! Stay tuned !
Who am I going to tune in on ?? ? 
The Castle Lady is going to tune in on you !   19 out of 30 today !

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