Best Side Story ~ The Long and the Short of It

     I am always trying to settle a score between the argument of whether life follows art or vice-versa. However, most recently I think I’ve come across another aspect of this phenomenon spurred on by the recent antics of the South Park gang. The whole question has taken on a new dimension. Can we say that life is often barking on the heels of art and vice-versa? I knew we could.
      By now everyone should know that South Park is actually about a not so little community on the southern fringe of Denver better known by natives and long-time Denver residents as Littleton. This is where Columbine happened and life goes on… pretty much the same, I might add. How many of you have seen this new series of Luann ?
 Cool !
     Well, here they all are…
     I hope they’ve been working on their Puerto Rican accents and that blue eyes really do go with black wigs and bronzed skin. It sure beats going citywide and giving southwest Denver kids in other schools a chance, huh ? The truth is they’re the only school that can afford to pay for the rights to perform West Side Story. Only in Amer-eeeeee-ca !
 Unbelievable !       The Castle Lady, of course !

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