Olympics vs Fitness

 I think everyone is into watching our USA team at the Olympics. I’ve been watching skating and skiing events. I’m surprised how many athletes these days go on regardless of how badly they become injured. Injuries are a fact of life in just about any sport you can name but I think too many of the really young contenders think that if they are not getting the Gold before they reach twenty that life will be over. This is very short-sited and dangerous in my estimation. The truth is, though, I’ve always been more fitness oriented. I’m certainly not athletic in the truest sense of the word.
 My preference is for cross- country skiing for instance. Low impact and more calories burned ! Whoo-hoo !
                                 I can certainly appreciate what all the Olympians and other professionals have to do to make it in their sport but I always wonder who is pushing them so hard that they think they are not going to make their goals if they don’t go ahead and skate, ski or luge in spite of pain, injury or just plain suffering. There will always be more chances in life than you may believe at present. Take care of yourself and that prize just might also !
 Congrats to Lindsey Vonn !
                                 She won a ton of Super-G World Cup trophies back in March 2009 and Overall Women’s at Are, Sweden becoming the first woman to capture the championship title and she also won a Bronze, recently, at the Olympics. 
Congrats to all the winners ! The Castle Lady

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