Ahem! That’s THE Castle Lady to you…..

Not Marilyn Monroe… not Sally Bowles….
My name is my trademark and is part of my trade.
     It has come to my attention, lately, that there are a few bloggers out in cyberspace which have insisted on using my moniker or forms of it (i.e. Castle Lady, Lady Castle, a Castle Lady) without any particular reason and certainly not for the purpose of writing about castles, European or otherwise. Please find some other moniker as it wasn’t used whimsically but is an actual nickname. My use of it makes perfect sense and your use only proves that you couldn’t come up with a unique idea on your own. I’m sure something would suit all of you better.
 Avec beaucoup d’amour et d’affecteusement,
Le Chateau Demoiselle
or The Castle Lady (bien sur !)


Thank you for understanding.

About Evelyn

The Castle Lady Official web site: www.ilovecastles.com other blogs: ilovecastles.blogspot.com evelynsrockpages.blogspot.com evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com
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