to the basketball god…

and so i worship you
                                                       the one true god
apart from those who were willing to worship
and everyone
 but you.
so i also revere you
because you talk to me
when all else
                                                        and everybody else
ceases their chatter
on the court you coach me from your corner
which I had no intention
          of reducing you to-
 speaking magnanimously in sentences reduced to powerful single words
singular phrases
because the world refuses to listen
telling me your best jokes
                                               because the world is fearful of laughing at your ideas
this God who gave me a perfect sphere to work with
so unlike the lumpy, distorted sphere He created
the oratorio is over
they didn’t understand
our private conversation
or the silent music
                                                                    which rings in both our ears
and on my way back to
– where ? –
i stop and take a momentary glimpse
into the paradise
we left so long ago
where time stops
                                             but i cannot
 that squirrel couldn’t touch an ego
which didn’t exist anyway.
All Rights Reserved by author

Evelyn M. Wallace

June 20, 2010
The Castle Lady with baskets full of kisses for ….
  for my Daddy !

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3 Responses to to the basketball god…

  1. Leona says:

    Ahhhh, very nicely done, I like it a lot. Are you a Lakers fan? Did this just come to you or did it marinate through your mind for a while, taking shape as it unfolded itself into this beautiful piece???Great work, Evelyn!


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thanks Leona ! Actually I started this poem and then for the first time while writing I felt that tug in another direction!My basketball ! I hadn\’t shot baskets that day. So I suited up, went to the court about four blocks away and came backto finish the poem. So baskets definitely have to take a bow this time, as well as myself. (Applause.) ; ) I was verypleased with it when I was done ! Thanks again for the good words ! !


  3. Evelyn says:

    I found this quote in a book written by a former player of the coach Lapchick. This is one of the coaches many well-phrasedquotes: "Sometimes I rub my eyes in wonder: This game of ours- the players, the auditoriums- it all seems too good to be true."


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