Statistics Issue ~ Want ’em Back ?

     I don’t know how many of the Live Space bloggers are upset with statistics being removed as a feature connected with our blogs but if you’re fed up and wish you could do something about it then read up ! The Castle Lady
     I found this page on Windows Live Help that asks you to click Yes or No  whether the following message was helpful or not:
With the latest release to the end-to-end Windows Live suite, we have removed the statistics feature from Windows Live Spaces.   We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.   As we continue to evolve and improve the Windows Live suite, we add to and deepen many features, but of course are also sometimes faced with tough tradeoffs and decide to discontinue features. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes and coming improvements in the product.
This link below will take you to the page and as long as you have a Windows Live ID you
can vote that it wasn’t helpful. It may not be much but maybe if they get enough negative responses they’ll bring it back. My feeling about all the changes is that they have not improved anything. Much of what goes under the heading of improvement seems to be change for the sake of change. I never get responses back from the Live Team and I also am never informed of changes prior to the deeds. This is not true customer service and is a good part of the reason why so many people have quit MSN. In addition to that, the roster of people new to Windows Live seem to think this is a glorified dating service – to put it nicely.  

 Besoin statistiques ? Need your statistics back ? Statistica introvabile ? Vota No ! ! Vote no on this link ! Veto sur cette lien avec NON !

The Castle Lady, with ideas to improve your life ! ! ! 

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3 Responses to Statistics Issue ~ Want ’em Back ?

  1. puzzle says:

    a "glorified dating service" – for all the 5 years I have one or another Windows Live Space, I noticed from time to time by the incoming invitations, that there seems to be a parallel universe besides blogging, but I never met such a good expression for the second version ^^ – but I don\’t miss the statistics.


  2. Evelyn says:

    Statistics links have often provided me with googles which have helped me with my research and providing my audience- silent as they may be- with answers to their questions. Without it, I have no idea what they may want to know. You made me giggle- ; ) yes, parallel but definitely from another planet ! LOL


  3. Evelyn says:

    … and I think that planet ought to be called Sexaholic too. Sheesh. These people don\’t even care if they make propositions to women! I don\’t know why they don\’t at least check to see who they are sending their network request spam to nor do I think they care !


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