in memorium to Kyle Rae Sweet who is with our Lord in Heaven.
  aussi dedie’e a` Poopsee (en response a` Le valse des te’ne`bres) avec amities tres fort ~ Le Chateau Demoiselle
One afternoon
the pulsating heat of the sun’s rays
abruptly ceased
The clear blue sky shivered
and turned a blinding shade of silver
then mellowed to a creamy shade of white.
I sat on the faded green grass and stretched my palm toward heaven.
A perfect red rose softly landed on my palm.
I felt a tear form in my eye,
run down the length of my face
and fall somewhere in the grass.
Then flowers began to fall from heaven and the fragrance
filled my head
until my whole body was numb.
Soon the flowers covered me and I began to breathe in the flowers,
coughed them out in a moments panic,
then I relaxed
and let the lovely and soft petals
strangle me,
I stopped breathing and I felt my heart grow still.
Coldness swept over me and I
felt my soul lift,
soar toward heaven.
A new search will begin.
-from Seasons of the Heart
by Evelyn M. Wallace
copyright 1988
no reproduction of any kind without written permission from author
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One Response to Flowers

  1. Natalia says:

    Evelyn, one can only hope that the last moments on this earth would really be like this. It is documented that the arousal system is triggered into an altered state of reality at the moment of death. In effect, this poem could be likened to the return to the garden of paradise. Thank you for sharing.


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