The Arts

     The following poem is one I have translated by my good friend who goes by the name of Poopsee online. Last summer we exchanged poetry books. (My Seasons of the Heart  for his The Bow and the Butterfly.) This is his third volume of poetry which was published just one year ago. He writes lyrics for songs and I have received a wonderful CD from him in which all the lyrics on the songs, except for one, were written by him. We are birthday twins and when I read his poetry, although it is in French and he hails from (and still lives at) the Pyrenean border of France, there are interesting similarities in our respective viewpoints on many subjects. This delightful poem I have translated for my English speaking (and writing) readers is one such poem which thrilled me with humor and unabashed frankness.
-The Castle Lady
Ah the painting, such art !
But if I tied a brush to the tail of a dog
He could make a canvass of two three to and fro
Ah music, such art!
But if an elephant sat on my piano
It would be a concert monumental
Ah, the photo, what art !
But the cat which passes by there
May just as well have pointed and clicked
And it would be an original.
Ah movies, what an art !
But everything shows off as capably.
Birds, zebras and lions do so regularly.
Ah writing, such art!
But that is of no concern to writers.
Not a single animal is capable of it.
Well, I’m going to try my luck.
They say, sometimes, that I am a little beast.
Toute reproduction ailleurs de ce poeme, en Anglais ou le Français est interdite.
Evelyn Wallace a recu autorisation de l’ecrivain pour publication en traduction.
All rights reserved, USA and international, by Bernard Bluteau
from his book L’arc et le papillon
published by ICN 64300 Orthez Septembre 2009
To read this poem in its original language click here 
Lire cette poeme dans sa langue origine hop
avec amities et bisous
 affectueux ,
Le Chateau Demoiselle !

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5 Responses to The Arts

  1. Natalia says:

    An interesting observation from your friend about what passes for art. Even more appealing is muse that animals cannot write. From the perspective of the narrative, they can help the author to write a story or poem, as your friend has.Have a good week mon ami. 😉


  2. Evelyn says:

    Muse would be the keyword here. If an animal helped a writer in that way then they have become the MUSE but certainly not the writer. Should the writer use the perspective of an animal in their writing it still makes no implication that a dog or cat could pick up a pen and write on paper or do much more than step across a keyboard. It\’s a fun poem though, don\’t you think ? ; )


  3. Natalia says:

    Yes Evelyn, I enjoyed the poem very much. I like cats. 🙂


  4. Evelyn says:

    Oh, yes. They are very elegant animals and even though they seem aloof they can usually be coaxed to much friendlier behavior with good treatment. Provided they are not feral, that is ! ! LOOL ; ) Thanks for all the nice comments !


  5. Natalia says:

    Always a pleasure Evelyn. 🙂


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