Season for Squirrels

where on the wing they congregate
upon the wind flies vestiges of the last fashion plate
the fierce buzzing has released its last sound
in a nonfatal hiss and resounds
a hidden feast begins to awaken
 and the senses of winged orphans
commence a tapotement confounding and wise
when all is gone they take to the skies
and all has changed around this forest basin
from miles around the world has hastened
to this symphony of death and renaissance
come to the exhibition of nonchalance
a season for squirrels in celebration
All rights reserved by
Evelyn M. Wallace
December 2, 2010
(no reproduction without written permission of author)
Love in all seasons,
The Castle Lady  

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2 Responses to Season for Squirrels

  1. Natalia says:

    Evalyn…. Superb. Such eleqoence in the observations of the autumn. The line \’this symphony of death and renaissance\’ defines the exact purpose of the season. Once again, superb! 🙂 xx


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thanks, Natalia. I love it when someone enjoys the same aspects of a poem as myself. This came to me while I was walking and then the rest later when I was writing something else. A sure sign of inspiration.


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